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World-leading manufacturers and global suppliers of precision tubes for critical applications, UK-based Fine Tubes and US-based Superior Tube have signed a two year contract with Fusoh Aviation Co., Ltd to act as their distribution partner in Japan for the aerospace and space sectors.

Fine Tubes and Superior Tube see significant growth potential in the Japanese aerospace and space markets and, having worked successfully with Fusoh on an ad-hoc basis in recent years, were keen to establish a formal partnership. Fusoh Aviation’s client base features a number of global aerospace manufacturers, including IHI Corporation, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Fuji Heavy Industries and also the Japan MOD and Coast Guard.

FT STC and Fusoh Aviation Co Ltd

Both Fine Tubes and Superior Tube have a long record of manufacturing high performance titanium, stainless steel and nickel alloy tubes for some of the world’s most advanced civil and military aerospace projects. Designed for airframes, engines and flight surface actuation, the tubing supplied by the two companies is capable of withstanding some of the most critical conditions, including high pressures and high temperatures.

Fine Tubes is one of the few suppliers qualified to produce the high pressure titanium tubes used in the hydraulic systems of the Airbus A380 aircraft and has provided tubing for the heat exchanger of the revolutionary propulsion unit for the space plane, Skylon. Superior Tube, a qualified supplier to Boeing for both commercial and military aircraft, has previously developed precision tubing for NASA’s Apollo, Space Shuttle and Mars Exploration programs.

Whilst the initial agreement is limited to aerospace and space applications, it could be extended to cover other markets, including Nuclear, in the future.

Paul Mallett, Aerospace Product Manager, commented:

“We’re delighted to have concluded this agreement with Fusoh. Our immediate focus is on growing our aerospace client base in Japan but we believe the potential is there for further co-operation to help us expand our business in the country across other markets.”  

Akira Tanabe, Senior Vice President of Fusoh Aviation Co., Ltd. added:

“Fusoh Aviation Co., Ltd. is very excited to have made an agreement with Fine Tubes and Superior Tube and is looking forward to assisting both companies in expanding their business into the Japanese markets.” 

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2014-09-29 102210 4Fine Tubes, a world-leading manufacturer and global distributor of precision tubes for critical applications has partnered with City College Plymouth to ensure that all of its Plymouth-based staff engaged in manual handling receive professional training.

Injuries caused by poor moving and handling practices account for approximately one third of all work-related injuries and with a wide range of activities within the Fine Tubes facility requiring moving and handling, the provision of high quality training was viewed as essential.

As Dave Richardson, Fine Tubes’ Health, Safety and Environment Manager, commented:

Health and safety is high on the agenda at Fine Tubes and our employees are our most valuable asset. This is the main reason behind bringing in a professional training company to ensure that we roll out this training to all targeted employees who, without it, may be put at a higher level of risk. We are pleased to be working with City College Plymouth on this bespoke programme and look forward to a working relationship that will lead on to other training for our employees”.

Sean Gibson, Key Account Manager at City College Plymouth, added:

City College Plymouth has worked in partnership with Fine Tubes for a number of years.  When they approached us about specific training to support their staff, the College delivery teams familiarised themselves with the company’s facilities and ways of working in order to build an understanding of the training needed. This ensured that we could provide the company with a programme of training that suited their individual business needs and will benefit over 200 of their employees”.

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Fine Tubes (, a leading global supplier of precision tube products, can announce its additional NORSOK approval, enabling the company to supply UNS S31254 seamless tubes across a comprehensive range of tube dimensions.

  • Fine Tubes has received additional NORSOK approval to supply UNS S31254 seamless tubes as endorsed by Parker Hannifin and Statoil.
  • The company has also achieved a place on the Statoil TR2000 approved supplier list.

Chris Burridge, Customer Quality Engineer for Fine Tubes, commented: "The approval process allowed us to take a closer look at our manufacturing activities for this particular product line and refine them to meet with the requirements of NORSOK M-650.”

statoil pic

Fine Tubes secured this additional approval by aligning its manufacturing process with NORSOK M-650 requirements, and providing compliance through an audit undertaken by Parker Hannifin and Statoil. The new supply approval was made possible through a frame agreement with these two industry-leading companies, and adds Fine Tubes to the Statoil TR2000 approved suppliers list.

Mr Burridge continued: “Having a place on the Statoil TR2000 approved supplier list will open up new opportunities that have been unavailable to us to date and will allow us to be more competitive in a fast growing market. The experience we have gained throughout the process will prove invaluable in our future approval endeavours of other product lines, such as S32750 Super Duplex.”

NORSOK M-650 is among the oil and gas industry’s most demanding quality standards for manufacturing equipment, processes and testing.


Fine Tubes, a leading manufacturer and global distributor of precision tubes for critical applications, is delighted to announce that it has been selected to supply specialist tubing for the Chemical Propulsion System (CPS) of the highly anticipated Solar Orbiter project. Contracted by OHB Sweden, Fine Tubes will be manufacturing over 100m of titanium tubing Grade 2 AMS 4942 with an outer diameter of 3.17mm and an inner diameter of 2.66mm.

Solar Orbiter is a European Space Agency (ESA) project that will investigate how the Sun creates and controls the heliosphere, its extended atmosphere. The contract to build the satellite has been awarded to Astrium UK who will lead a team of suppliers, including OHB Sweden, and NASA will provide the launcher and contribute instruments to the scientific payload. The scientific mission will be co-ordinated with NASA's Solar Probe Plus to maximise the combined science return.

Due for launch in 2017, Solar Orbiter will fly to within 45 million kilometres of the Sun, closer than Mercury, and will image the solar poles for the first time, helping to explain how the Sun generates its magnetic field. The Orbiter will experience levels of sunlight thirteen times higher than satellites orbiting the Earth and will also need to endure powerful bursts of atomic particles from explosions in the solar atmosphere.

These high-energy bursts (Coronal Mass Ejections) can disrupt satellite communications and electrical power distribution systems as well as causing computers to crash. The data provided by Solar Orbiter will, it is hoped, enable scientists to better understand how these violent and disruptive phenomena are caused.

Paul Mallet, Aerospace Business Development Manager at Fine Tubes commented: “The challenging environment in which these tubes must operate necessitates traditional manufacturing processes be improved to meet the demanding technical requirements. At Fine Tubes we are proud of our flexibility in adapting to new specification requirements and of our role in enabling such exciting projects to take place.”

astrium opt

On its journey to the Sun, Solar Orbiter will use gravity assists from Venus and Earth in a series of complex manoeuvres that will depend on the craft’s Attitude and Orbit Control System (AOCS) and the CPS for which Fine Tubes is supplying the tubing. The craft will be propelled into a 168 day-long orbit around the Sun along which it will reach its closest point to the star every five months. At its highest speed, it will be in an almost stationary orbit, allowing unprecedented observations to be made.

Steve Ashton, Product Assurance Manager at OHB-Sweden added:“OHB Sweden, a subsidiary of the European space and technology group OHB, has been selected by the European Space Agency (ESA) and Astrium as contractor for the Chemical Propulsion System (CPS) for the Solar Orbiter mission, planned to be launched in 2017. The satellite will perform close-up observations of the Sun, and during its 7 year mission, will experience levels of sunlight thirteen times higher than satellites orbiting the Earth.  Fine Tubes were selected as supplier for the high quality seamless titanium tubing required to fulfil the exacting requirements of high quality and cleanliness levels needed for the Chemical Propulsion System."

Solar Orbiter continues a long tradition of European Sun explorers, including Helios 1 and 2, Ulysses, and SOHO, all developed in partnership with NASA, as well as ESA's PROBA-2.

Fine Tubes, a world-leading manufacturer and distributor of precision tubes for critical applications, is delighted to announce that it has appointed Bait Al-Aseel to act as its agent in Kuwait.

sign fine tubes

The decision forms part of Fine Tubes’ strategic plan to secure further growth in the market for exotic alloy tubing across the Middle East region. Demand for this type of tubing continues to increase in line with greater operating demands matched by a desire for an extended service life that traditional alloys are unable to achieve.

Bait Al-Aseel is a long-established and highly regarded contractor servicing the power and energy industries in Kuwait. Its prestigious client list includes Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC), Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) and the Kuwaiti Ministry of Electricity and Water.

Nick Head, Fine Tubes’ Business Development Manager for Oil & Gas/Chemical Processes, commented: “The appointment of Bait Al Aseel is an important one for us and represents a significant addition to the agent partnerships we already have in Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Qatar and Oman.  We’re looking forward to working closely with them to develop new opportunities in this key market.”

Faisal Al Shayeji, Bait Al Aseel’s General Manager, commented: “Fine Tubes’ expertise in manufacturing specialist corrosion resistant alloys matches the rising demand for exotic alloy tubing in Kuwait. We are excited to be representing a company capable of manufacturing this extensive range of alloys and working with the Fine Tubes sales team to acquire new business in the region.”

Fine Tubes (, the Plymouth-based manufacturer and global supplier of precision tubes for the most demanding applications, is delighted to announce the appointment of Phil Adderley as Technical and Quality Director.  As part of his new role, Mr Adderley will have overall responsibility for Quality Assurance and Compliance, Quality Control, Technical and Laboratory Services.

2014-04-04 222445With some 19 years’ experience spanning metallurgy, Quality Assurance and Quality Control as well as senior technical management roles, Mr Adderley has a B. Eng in Materials Engineering and an MSc in Engineering with Management (Materials). He joins Fine Tubes from his previous position as Technical Director for Firth Rixson Forgings, a leading manufacturer of forged components for many of the markets that Fine Tubes also serves, including the aerospace, defence, civil nuclear and fuel exploration industries.

Commenting on his new role, Phil Adderley said:

Being able to join an organisation which is continuing to grow shows what a great product we have at Fine Tubes. I am looking forward to working with the strong technical team and developing the solid Quality Management System to further enhance the company’s growth.”

Ronen Day, Fine Tubes’ Managing Director added:

“Phil brings significant technical and metallurgical expertise as well as expert knowledge of Quality Management Systems to the role. Quality is central to all operations at Fine Tubes and his appointment enhances the company’s foundations of being a world leading quality driven organisation. Phil’s skills will be focused on the day-to-day technical and quality operations at our Plymouth based headquarters and we’re delighted he has come on board.”

Besides his Technical and Quality expertise, Phil is a keen runner and enjoys the challenging lanes of the Devon country side. To join Fine Tubes in Plymouth, Phil has moved from Sheffield with his family.

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