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Cage Forming Technology for square and rectangular sections.

The last generation of Linear Cage Forming technologies has been put into operation in North Europe, in one of the first manufacturer of high quality stainless steel tubes in the world.

It is a complete tube mill, including the surface finishing, tube ends facing, unloading and packaging sections.

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This fully automatic tube mill, can produce square tubes from 40x40 up to 120x120 mm, rectangular tubes from 50 x 40 to 180x60 mm in a thickness range from 2 mm to 8 mm in Stainless Steel Austenitic, Ferritic and Duplex grades.

The max mill speed is 80 m/min

With this composition the mill can produce all the square and rectangular tubes within the size range, without change of any rolls in Forming, Welding, Sizing, Straightening and clamp jaws in Cut Off.  That means total elimination of all cost for roll sets.

The main advantages of this technology are:

  • Facility and rapidity in changing the profiles dimensions
  • Very simple and easy maintenance
  • Simplicity in the software utilization

With this innovative solution, the mill makes it easy to produce both square and rectangular tubes by means of a computerized control, where all data are stored in order to produce in the best way all the tube sizes in the range

The PLC records all the utilized data and it is possible to create particular “shapes” with different angles: from the PC it is possible to see the “tube flower” of the tubes one intends to produce.

The average time for changing tube set-up dimensions is around 10 minutes.

Average saving on raw material (strips) compare traditional tube mills: 5-7%

All the electrical equipment and motorizations are engineered in order to save energy, recovery power and reuse it in the line circuit.

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