Ian Melin-Jones

Ian Melin-Jones

ArcelorMittal operations in Argentina and Brazil have each been shortlisted for Steelie Awards in the Excellence in Sustainability category. The Steelie Awards, in their 8th year, are organised by the World Steel Association (worldsteel).

2017 10 06 092404The Excellence in Sustainability award acknowledges the sustainability initiative which has made the greatest contribution to all three areas of sustainability – economic, environmental and social value. 

ArcelorMittal Tubarão has been shortlisted for its efforts to pave rural roads in Brazil using steel by-products. ArcelorMittal Argentina is also a contender for the gong in recognition of a project which built a secure breeding centre for the conservation of jaguars out of reused steel.

Both projects have made significant contributions to sustainability:

The first nomination, for improved road networks in Brazil, is primarily thanks to ArcelorMittal’s R&D department, which developed products called REVSOL® and REVSOL Plus® which turn steel slag into a primary road, car park and storage yard coating, replacing the use of non-renewable sources in road building and significantly reducing the need for road maintenance and the costs associated with it. 

Paving what had been dirt roads has also improved access to services such as garbage collection, ambulances, and police for 30 municipalities in the state of Espirito Santo over a 200km radius.  It has reduced maintenance costs for the vehicles which use these better-quality roads and has speeded up delivery of local produce, improving the quality of life for local people, and achieving better prices for small farmers whose produce is fresher and more saleable when it reaches consumers.

The second nomination is for a project that aims to secure the future of the jaguar, which is critically endangered in South America. With fewer than 200 individuals left in the wild, the Jaguar Experimental Breeding Centre was built in Argentina to boost the species’ population. The centre was built using 14 truckloads of steel, most of which was recovered from primary uses such as oil fields. 

The 35-hectare breeding centre has two pairs of captive jaguar for breeding, sourced from Argentinian zoos and a Paraguayan reserve. The hope is their offspring can be released into the wild after they have learned to hunt wild prey without getting habituated to humans – thanks to four 1,200 square metre pens made of steel. Steel was chosen for its strength, durability, demountability and its comparatively small environmental impact – particularly as the project put the steel to a second use before it is returned to the Acindar ArcelorMittal steelworks for recycling, in support of circular economy principles.

Local people are benefiting from the new skills they have learned, such as welding, which enable them to work with steel. This is helping them switch from making their living as hunters to be able to contribute to the building and maintenance of the centre. Gaining these skills also opens new career options for people as builders, welders and cutters.

The local economy also benefits from the programme thanks to increased infrastructure investment and tourists attracted by the presence of the jaguars.

Alan Knight, general manager, head of corporate responsibility and sustainable development said, “Both these projects have delivered measurable benefits to the communities we operate in and demonstrate ArcelorMittal’s commitment to responsible steel manufacturing, as we work toward helping to create the zero-waste economy. Although both these projects deserve to be recognised for the excellent contributions they have made to economic, social and environmental stewardship in Brazil and Argentina, there can only be one winner in the sustainability category. I wish them both the very best of luck.”

Winners will be revealed at worldsteel’s annual dinner of the 2017 General Assembly in Brussels on Monday, 16 October.

Worldsteel is the industry association for steelmakers. Worldsteel members represent approximately 85% of the world's steel production.

UKF Stainless Ltd are delighted to be celebrating 25 years of providing their wide variety of products from stock to the industry, alongside additional services including cutting, perforating and polishing stainless steel. They pride themselves on being able to tailor their finished products to suit individual needs.

2017 10 06 072727This great family run market leading business maintains a competitive edge over their rivals by remaining receptive and adaptable to changing customer needs, whilst remaining steadfast within a culture synonymous with continual improvement.

With Phil Morris (founder and sole owner) at the helm UKF benefits from his 30 years’ experience in the stainless steel industry including 6 years with a tube manufacturer. Stainless steel is their passion, which translates into a dedicated and professional team, going the extra mile to provide the best service for their customers.

Group Managing Director Simon Greenhill joined the team in 2001, Ian Humphries, Commercial Director, followed suit in 2005 bringing their extensive experience in Welded Stainless Steel Tube manufacturing with them. The management team has grown steadily over the years, the most recent industry expert to join the team being Daniel Humphries who is heading up their state of the art Laser Division and promoting their LT5 Lasertube - a fibre laser generator which offers unprecedented precision and savings to their customers.

UKF Stainless Ltd offer an impressive range of tubing, whether Welded or perforated, marine, water, ornamental, handrail or hygienic tubing they can meet all your needs. UKF carry a vast range of stainless steel bar in grades 303 (1.4305), 304 (1.4301) or 316 (1.4401) and can provide both square and rectangular sections. They are proud to be able to provide a ‘one stop’ facility for their customers.

UKF Stainless Ltd and their group companies offer a unique opportunity to obtain access to not only the best and most varied stock possibilities with state of the art equipment and all the technological advancements they offer - but a comprehensive team of experts on hand taking your business to the next level. They are looking forward to trailblazing the next 25 years!

UKF Stainless Ltd offering the best in productivity and performance for efficient handling of tubes to the industry worldwide.

PrimeTurning™ now accessible on multi-task machines and VTLs

Cutting tool and tooling system specialist Sandvik Coromant has unveiled a new range of CoroTurn® Prime multi-task and axial type tool holders to help machine shops implement the new PrimeTurning™ methodology, which enables turning in all directions. The introductions allow users to maximise the benefits of PrimeTurningon multi-task turn-mill centres and vertical turning lathes (VTLs). Complementing the company’s existing radial tool holders, Sandvik Coromant now has a complete offer for PrimeTurning operations.

One of the highlights of the range is the CoroTurn Prime Twin tool holder for multi-task machines. Both CoroTurn Prime A- and B-type inserts can be mounted together on Twin tool holders, allowing manufacturers to undertake roughing with a B-type insert before switching to finishing with an A-type insert, for example.

2017 10 06 071930Both CoroTurn A- and B-type inserts can be mounted together on Sandvik Coromant’s CoroTurn Twin tool holders for multi-task machines.

”Modern multi-task machines are intended for the complete machining of components but typically have a slow tool changing time, often around 15-20 seconds,” says Håkan Ericksson, Product Manager General Turning at Sandvik Coromant. ”As a result, the new Twin holder will save customers a considerable amount of time when changing tools.”

As a further advantage, B-axis machining on multi-task machines permits the operator to program the angle of the tool in precise increments. When the machine cuts using its B-axis, a lot of accessibility is created using neutral holders. In combination with streamlined operations, this delivers the potential for huge time saving and productivity increases to help manufacturers reduce tooling inventories and achieve competitive gains.

Six new multi-task tool holders are being introduced, which are mounted at a 45° angle for B-axis machining and can be used with either CoroTurn Prime A-type or B-type inserts. Options for multi-task machines include four tool holders (one-insert only) and two Twin tool holders (two inserts). The CoroTurn Prime Twin tool holder is available for use with Coromant Capto® C5 – C8 size.

A range of axial tool holders for vertical turning lathes is also part of the range, which means that Sandvik Coromant now has a complete offer for PrimeTurning: axial, radial and multi-task tool holders. In total, eight dedicated tool holders for axial mounting are being launched. This type of tool holder is compatible with most types of vertical lathes, and is available in Coromant Capto for use with either CoroTurn Prime A-type or B-type inserts.

Although PrimeTurning is applicable to the entire general turning area, machine shops with large batch sizes (automotive) are set to benefit most, as will those machining large components (aerospace), where there is a need to reduce tool changes, set-up time and production stops.

Ultimately, the all-directional PrimeTurning method and CoroTurn Prime tools will ensure that manufacturers can complete their turning operations in a much more efficient way. Compared with conventional turning, a 50-80% increase in productivity, along with 1.5–2 times more tool life, can be achieved.

For more information visit www.sandvik.coromant.com/en-gb/products/coroturn_prime

Sandvik Coromant

Part of global industrial engineering group Sandvik, Sandvik Coromant is at the forefront of manufacturing tools, machining solutions and knowledge that drive industry standards and innovations demanded by the metalworking industry now and into the next industrial era. Educational support, extensive R&D investment and strong customer partnerships ensure the development of machining technologies that change, lead and drive the future of manufacturing. Sandvik Coromant owns over 3100 patents worldwide, employs over 8,000 staff, and is represented in 150 countries.

For more information visit www.sandvik.coromant.com

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