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Sigma Green Wheel Successful in Shipbuilding Applications

Aggressive Wheel Leaves Quality Finish with Low Vibration

The shipbuilding Industry requires durable abrasive wheels capable of removing welds from plates that are 4-5 inches thick or more. But when durability is the only concern when selecting wheels for this type of weld removal, the operator is often left with a sub-par finish, longer grinding time, and high levels of vibration.

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Rex-Cut Abrasive’s Sigma Green grinding wheel has been designed specifically for difficult applications like this. When Sigma Green is used in shipbuilding and maintenance applications, it reaches a sought-after performance balance of fast stock removal, great finish, and very low vibration.

The standard Sigma Green Wheel (3/16” thick) is designed for fast stock removal and produces a high quality finish. By dropping some of the thickness, the result is a low vibration, operator friendly wheel. If extra durability and longer life is of utmost concern, Rex-Cut does offer a ¼” thick version, Sigma Green Max.

Sigma Green and Sigma Green Max wheels are available in 4-1/2”, 5”, and 7” diameter sizes. Visit for more information.

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