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2018 05 22 094023The robust US25GL will perform repeatable high quality weld preparations on all types of materials

Portable machining tool to perform the saddle type tappings

The saddle type tappings allow the perpendicular connection of laterals sections on main pipes.

Saddle type tappings are located on collectors and boiler superheaters.

These tappings are mainly carried out on stationary machines or with oxy fuel cutting or grinding machines.

The US25GL saddle pipe beveling machine is a portable, powerful, robust, reliable and versatile beveling machine.

How to perform saddle type tappings on steel tubes ?

2018 05 22 094055PROTEM offers a portable machining tool to perform the saddle type tappings. This cold machining process does not create any heat affected zone and produces repeatable high quality machinings.

The robust US25GL will perform repeatable high quality weld preparations on all types of materials including carbon steel, stainless steel, various alloys such duplex, super duplex, inconel, aluminum.

A template is necessary per tube diameter and collector. Please consult us for more information.

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Official opening of Combilift’s new €50 million global headquarters and manufacturing facility

Forklift manufacturer and material handling solutions provider Combilift has officially opened its new global headquarters and manufacturing facility in Monaghan, Ireland. Celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, the company also announced that it will be significantly expanding its workforce with the creation of 200 new jobs in the next three years.   

Speaking at the opening ceremony, the Irish Prime Minister An Taoiseach Leo Varadkar TD said: “Combilift is an incredible home-grown Monaghan success story. When the company was founded 20 years ago, it had three employees, a brilliant concept, and the ambition to make it a reality. Combilift is playing a significant role in Monaghan’s success, and I would like to congratulate Robert Moffett and Martin McVicar and everyone at Combilift on their achievements to date and wish them every success for the future.”

Built at a cost of €50 million, the investment in the new 46,500 sq. m. (500,000 sq. ft) facility will allow Combilift to realise its ambitious growth plans. Martin McVicar, Managing Director said: “We have employed an additional 230 people since we announced our plans for this factory in 2015 and the combination of this state of the art production plant and the growing skilled workforce will allow us to double production within the next 5 years.”

Combilift currently exports 98% of its products to 85 countries through its 250-strong international dealer network. The current workforce stands at 550 people and the new employment opportunities will be for skilled technicians, design engineers, logistics and supply chain specialists and those with mechanical and electrical mechatronics skills.

2018 05 22 101248

Mass Customisation

Martin McVicar attributes the company’s impressive growth and its status as an acknowledged world leader in the material handling sector to mass customisation. “Combilift has set the benchmark for the mass production of customised innovative products. Mass customisation is the new frontier for both the customer and the manufacturer as customers are increasingly expecting products to be tailored to their requirements. We listen to and take feedback on board from our customers and dealers to identify solutions that best match their individual specific needs.”

Combilift invests 7% of its annual turnover in Research and Development to enhance its customisation capability and to maximise ROI for its customers. “The flexibility in our new facility means that we can continue to accommodate any request for a customised material handling solution. We also see ourselves as much more than a forklift manufacturer and are transforming the transport and logistics sector with our innovative, space-spacing products and our services.”

Combilift offers a free logistic and warehouse design service which enables customers to see the benefit that its products will bring to their business. “Our engineers proactively design, plan and produce material flow analysis and 3D animations - 150 to 200 per day for our worldwide customers - which clearly illustrate the capacity potential as well as the optimum flow of materials on their site.” said McVicar.

Growth of Combilift

Established by Martin McVicar, Managing Director and Robert in Moffett, Technical Director, in 1998, Combilift is a privately held and fully capitalised company. It developed the world’s first multidirectional all-wheel drive IC engine powered forklift in 1998. In the first year of operation it produced 18 units,17 of which were exported. The company has more than doubled in the last 5 years and now has 40,000 units in operation in over 85 countries.

Combilift’s product portfolio has expanded way beyond its first multidirectional model according to McVicar: “Combilift has always focused on a number of niche market segments and has a proven track record of launching one or two new products annually. In the first 10 years we focussed on the long load material handling sector with the multidirectional range which revolutionised the handling of long materials, allowing customers to handle long products in less space more safely.”

Between 2008 and 2018 Combilift diversified its product ranged by developing a number of innovative space saving warehouse and heavy load handling products; the Aisle Master articulated truck and the Straddle Carrier (Combi-SC) respectively.

Pedestrian products were introduced into the range in the last five years, enabling Combilift to gain a foothold in this growing market. The Combi-WR, Combi-WR4 and the Combi-CS all incorporate Combilift’s unique patented multi-positional tiller arm technology. “There is a growing demand for pedestrian trucks, driven by safety concerns where customers and/or employees are in the vicinity of operating forklifts,” said McVicar. “It is our intention to significantly expand this range, as can be seen with the launch of the new high lift capacity Combilift Powered Pallet Truck (Combi-HC-PPT).”

New Factory

2018 05 22 101531

The new 46,500 sq. m purpose–built factory is set on a 100-acre site with room for future expansion when required. With 11 acres of roof space, it is one of the largest manufacturing operations under one single roof in the Republic of Ireland.

Incorporating the latest manufacturing processes with a focus on sustainability, the new factory will enable Combilift to double its output in a single shift across all production lines. Four 90 metre moving assembly lines produce a finished truck every 15 minutes. There are 60 welding bays, two plasma cutting machines, three paint lines which use sustainable water-based paints and three automatic shot blasters to cater for different sized products. 12,000 pallet locations ensure ample storage space for parts and components. The facility also includes a 50-seat cinema training room, 5,000 m² of office space and a dedicated R&D Development and Testing Centre.

23% of roof space is covered in skylights, enabling staff to work in natural daylight without the assistance of artificial lighting. Other lighting is provided through 1100 LED light with individual PIR sensors. Solar panels supply 185 kW of energy with a

1 MW Biomass plant fuelled by recycled wood (pallets etc.) to heat the spraying booths and assembly area. 110,000 litres of rain water are harvested for jet washing and bathroom facilities.

More than 50 truckloads of finished products are dispatched from the factory each week, and spare parts are shipped across the world to the dealer network.

Certified to international quality and safety management standards, the new headquarters and manufacturing facility has been awarded ISO 9001 international quality management system, ISO 14001 Environment Management and OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series.

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Demag quadro chain hoist for a broad range of applications

Fitted with four load hooks, the Demag LDC-Q quadro chain hoist allows different load handling attachments to be lifted and transported at the same time. The available LDC-Q sizes enable loads weighing up to 3.2 t to be handled safely and efficiently.

The Demag LDC-Q quadro chain hoist, a series hoist unit from Demag’s DC range that has a successful track record all over the world, can be used for a wide variety of handling requirements in production and logistics applications. Equipped with four load hooks, LDC-Q units can handle and transport customer-specific load handling attachments or flat components and feed materials to the relevant workstations.

Demag LDC-Q quadro chain hoist design with four load hooksDemag LDC-Q quadro chain hoist design with four load hooks

 The basis for this broad range of applications is the technology offered by the LDC-D double chain hoist and some dedicated characteristics. For example, these include a design that combines two double chain hoists which have only one drive, which is a special technical feature. This means that only one chain hoist motor transfers power to the other three chain lead-offs of the Demag LDC-Q quadro unit via corresponding connections. Mechanically synchronised hook lead-offs provide for uniform and precise load handling. This arrangement enables loads with an asymmetrical weight distribution up to a ratio of 70:30 to be picked up without any problems.

 ProHub integrated variable speed control, which is a feature unique to Demag chain hoists, also permits rated speeds of up to 90 percent higher in the partial load range.Operators can utilise sizes DC 10 and DC 25 for handling loads weighing up to 3.2 t. The Demag LDC-Q quadro chain hoist offers benefits for safe and efficient lifting. Operation of the control unit with low voltage (24 V contactor control) as well as smooth starting and braking for low load sway are also significant factors. Further safety-related functions satisfy at least Performance Level c and Category 2 to EN ISO 13849-1.

 Besides safety, service is also of major importance. The generously dimensioned slipping clutch and gearbox, which is maintenance-free for up to 10 years, as well as fast and simple maintenance of individual components thanks to its modular design, help to make the Demag LDC-Q quadro chain hoist easy to service. These are all important aspects that minimise downtimes and extend the unit’s service life for improved productivity.

 For control of the Demag LDC-Q quadro chain hoist, operators also benefit from DSC/DSE control pendants with their low-fatigue actuation force for improved ergonomics. To meet specific ergonomics needs, operators can choose between radio controls or cable-connected control pendants that can be integrated into stationary control units.

 And ultimately, 2D and 3D geometry models in the Demag Designer tool give owners the opportunity to view a potential solution and its precise arrangement in their existing building and machinery infrastructure already at the pre-planning stage.

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Hermle large part machining centres in mould and tool making

HETEC’s claim of "Performance is not a matter of chance" exactly expresses the philosophy and strategy of the machining services supplier from Breidenbach! And that philosophy was born out of Friedhelm Herhaus' experience: For too long he felt hampered in his desire to put his specialist knowledge and skill to practical use and to the customer’s benefit. In such cases there is only one way forward: setting up one’s own operation. Together with his brother Günter Herhaus, he founded HETEC OHG, originally in Bad Laasphe. As the scope of the business grew, brother Werner Herhaus joined the company as well, and in 2000 the next milestone was reached with the founding of HETEC GmbH.

That meant anything but standstill, however, and in rapid succession the company invested in CAD/CAM systems (3-axis) and, in 2002, in the first five-axis machining centre as well as the associated data processing and organizational environment. In 2003, a new production hall focusing on large part machining was built at the present company headquarters in Breidenbach. Each shouldering executive responsibility for specific business areas, the three brothers systematically invested in more CAD/CAM systems, CNC machine tools, workflow optimization and remote monitoring of processes. This put them into a position to provide their growing customer base with state-of-the-art manufacturing technology for highly demanding, complex tool and mould construction components as well as large scale basic tools at all times.

In order to meet the exacting and ever increasing customer requirements with sustainable reliability, HETEC has included five-axis machining centres from Maschinenfabrik Berthold Hermle AG in its machine park since 2009.This began with a C40 machining centre that was followed by a C 30 U and – as soon as they became available – the first large machines of the C 60 U and C 50 U series. In the course of time, a C 400 U was purchased for machining smaller items, and more recently by another large machine, a C 52 U.

 a fully machined mould insert with 5 axes with closely arranged and deep cavitiesa fully machined mould insert with 5 axes with closely arranged and deep cavities

Friedhelm Herhaus has this to say about the cooperation with Hermle AG: "We have always received very good and fair advice from Hermle and we were and still are delighted with the 5-axis concept, with the performance, the very high degree of precision, the accessibility, the excellent and fast service as well as the very good support in all phases of a project." As a practical and graphic illustration of this, he pointed out that to date the C 40 U machining centre purchased in 2009 has already clocked up over 30000 spindle running hours – and it is still using the original spindle! Not to mention the fact that the precision values recorded in a measurement log from 2016 simply repeated those that had been recorded seven years previously!

It is worth mentioning that, despite the broad range of applications in the areas of full processing and finishing work, the Hermle machining centres are ‘only’ equipped with the standard tool magazines. The plausible reason for this is that HETEC has developed its own tool/magazine management system that allows all the milling machines and machining centres (each of which has the same HSK-A63 tool holding fixture, by the way) to be tooled according to the order and the work to be done. Altogether this involves around 2000 ‘sharp’ tools, each provided with a chip, including around 250 different milling tools and around 300 for drilling and thread cutting. This means that the tools can be changed ‘blind’, i.e. deployed as required and with drastically reduced changing and equipping times.

With the purchase of the new C 52 U five-axis machining centre, HETEC went another step further by ordering the HIMS (‘Hermle Information Monitoring Software’) base package for the first time. HIMS provides a display of the life status and transmission of the information by email as required. This fits perfectly to HETEC's manufacturing and (remote) monitoring strategy: single-shift normal operation and otherwise (monitored) automatic operation. With a working range of X = 1000, Y = 1100, Z = 750 mm and the 700 mm swivelling rotary table with a load-bearing capacity of 2000 kg, the C 52 U machining centre is ideally suited to full/finishing machining of extremely intricate tool and mould components or base plates.

In conclusion, Friedhelm Herhaus was full of praise regarding the teamwork with Hermle, remarking amongst other things that: "Despite their increasing complexity, the Hermle machining centres can be set up very simply, commissioned quickly and they are operator friendly. The good accessibility also enables us to carry out a full redeployment on the large machines from one workpiece to the next within 15 minutes. This means that even without further automation, we achieve spindle running times of 400 hours per month and machine as a single-part manufacturer. Another example of Hermle’s performance capabilities can be seen in the C 52 U five-axis machining centre project, which we needed very quickly to satisfy urgent customer requirements. We received our order on condition that capacity for 8 x 140 hours of manufacturing performance should be available on schedule. With Hermle’s help, we managed to set up and commission the C 52 U in a short space of time, and to meet the availability requirements not just temporarily, but in the long term as well. It really isn’t every supplier that can supply such a consistent and comprehensive package exactly on time – even in Germany with its reputation for machine construction there is not a great deal of choice."

Hermle’s five-axis machining centres are now operating in an air-conditioned hall, where they can supply the required degree of precision (e.g. 2/100ths mm deviation on a 500 mm milling stretch over long periods) giving the HETEC team a significant edge over the competition!


Hermle AG is a well-known company with a leading position in national and international markets. Continuous innovations have made Hermle a leading manufacturer of machining centres. More than 25000 users throughout the world trust Hermle machining centres. A close-knit sales and service network guarantees a reliable partner on-site in all important countries of the world. Hermle machines are produced in Southwestern Germany in a region which has been the home of precision mechanics and machine tools for many generations. Hermle's machining centres are used for efficient machining of tools, moulds and series-produced parts. Owing to their quality and high precision, they are used in numerous production areas, including in particular highly demanding sectors such as medical technology, machine construction, the optical industry, aviation, the automotive and car racing industries and their subcontractors.

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Laser welding of (pressurised) containers and water tanks

Advantages and characteristics of laser welding pressurised containers and water tanks

  • Butt seam welding replaces overlap seams and prevents unwelded sheet metal edges
  • 3-5 times higher welding speed
  • Simplified welding connection for the base/lid
  • Significantly lower heat input during the welding process minimises thermal distortion
  • Favourable stress distribution of the weld
  • Significantly less spatter compared to conventional methods
  • Optically attractive weld
  • An online quality and process check is possible
  • Optimised conditions for the coating of tank interior and outer skin

Circumferential welding machineCircumferential welding machine

For the production of containers, the laser welding process has particular advantages over the conventional MAG welding system:
For a start, butt welding saves the overlapping material that has to be used for MAG welding. In addition, butt welding of the container body makes further welding of the base/lid easier. The challenge of welding in the area where there is double wall thickness is completely eliminated.

The low heat distortion has a positive effect on the deformability and further processing of the parts to be welded. This is where the laser comes into its own (in addition to the much higher welding speed). Due to the significantly lower heat-affected zone (HAZ) and the much narrower weld seam, significantly less heat penetrates into the component. Less heat input means less heat distortion and consequently, this means a lower and more favourable stress distribution of the weld seam. Another factor in favour of laser welding is less spattering when welding. This results in a better quality and a visually appealing weld seam.

Due to the smaller focal point of the laser compared to MIG/MAG, the seam is also significantly narrower. Of course, all current online quality checks and process checks can be integrated.The best comes last however:  The material used to coat the inside of the container can be significantly reduced because there are no sheet edges, as in the case of overlap welding. This results in further savings that only laser butt welding offers.
A complete package from a single source weil technology offers complete packages for the production of containers and uses semi- and fully automatic production in a continuous process chain, from the coil to the complete laser-welded product. These lines can be operated with production capacities of up to 1000 to 1600 parts per shift. Currently we can offer a container production with a pipe diameter of 120 to 600 mm, pipe lengths of 2000 mm (max.) and a sheet thickness of 2.5 mm.The main components of each container manufacturing line are:

  • Coil and straightening station
  • Cutting to the length of circuit boards
  • Transfer units
  • Round bending machines
  • Longitudinal welding machine (casing)
  • Welding of attachments
  • Circumferential welding machine
  • Leak testing station

Depending on the degree of automation and the end product, other machines, such. welding machines for attachments (threaded bushings), brackets and handling/conveyor units are added.

Our specialty: Laser welding
In contrast to conventional production lines, laser technology is mostly used in weil technology's lines. In addition to a high-power laser, CO2 and solid-state lasers or other welding sources can be used, depending on the application (TIG, MIG/MAG, plasma welding).

Higher product quality and flexibility
weil technology's new production lines offer a high level of product quality and are characterised by a high level of productivity and flexibility.

High demands on weld quality in threaded bushes
Threaded bushes act as connecting elements for media-carrying pipelines or sensors. Flexural fatigue stresses occur, especially in piping. Here, the weld seam is exposed to high dynamic loads. In addition, the seam must be gas tight. In addition to the operating pressure, the containers are exposed to a much higher inspection pressure, which places additional demands on the seam.

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CTE named Swedish Steel Prize 2018 finalist

For developing a highly innovative truck-mounted sky-lift that gives access to confined spaces where traditional solutions fail, CTE has been nominated for the Swedish Steel Prize 2018.

The Swedish Steel Prize is awarded annually to recognize the most innovative design utilizing high-performance steel. CTE S.p.A., from Italy, is one of the four finalists for this year’s prize, which will be awarded during a ceremony in Stockholm, Sweden on May 24. The award ceremony is part of a three-day event where hundreds of international participants will participate in seminars and site visits at SSAB.

CTE is nominated for its MP 32.19 truck mounted skylift, a competitive new product found nowhere else on the market. It has a maximum height of 32 meters with a 19-meter outreach and is mounted on a small, 7-ton truck. It also features a unique, 180-degree rotational boom that reaches hard to access working points – even around corners.

2018 05 08 101825

“The main objective was to reach more efficiency and versatility – performance in terms of height and outreach, but on a compact, 7-ton vehicle, which would be unique in the world. We also wanted to deliver more structural stiffness to improve work safety conditions, while reducing the overall weight,” explains Roberto Fenner, Director of Technology at CTE. 

To obtain the extreme capabilities and the lightness required by the superstructure, high-strength steel was used extensively throughout the frame and boom.

“Work becomes easy is the payoff that has always guided our brand. Thanks to its versatility and ease of use, the CTE MP 32.19 perfectly represents this spirit, and was only possible to achieve thanks to the synergy between our design and the high-strength steels used,” says Fenner.

The Swedish Steel Prize jury’s motivation for selecting CTE as a finalist for the Swedish Steel Prize 2018 is:

CTE has developed a small truck-mounted sky-lift of extraordinary versatility, height and reach. The compact boom system has a unique, elevated slewing mechanism that provides the added capability of maneuvering around corners, giving access to confined spaces where traditional solutions fail. A carefully considered design as well as the optimization of all boom cross-sections and use of high-strength steel made this possible.

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TRUMPF's new cordless slitting shear for spiral ducts

TRUMPF has developed the new slitting shear TruTool C 200 with innovative 18 V lithium-ion rechargeable battery technology specially for machining spiral pipes. The high-performance power tool is also suitable for cutting sheets up to two millimetres in thickness.

The trend to work with cordless power tools for manual machining is continuing. That is why TRUMPF continues to enhance and refine its 18 V lithium-ion battery series. The latest addition is the TruTool C 200 slitting shear. Equipped with a 2 Ah rechargeable battery, it demonstrates its strengths, particularly when cutting spiral ducts, as it cuts seams with a thickness of up to 3.6 mm in mild steel (400 N/mm2). So far this performance has only been achieved by the larger TruTool C 250 with an 18 V rechargeable battery and chip clipper.

Crucial for this is the steel cutting head, which ensures ruggedness and strength. TRUMPF also uses corrugated cut guides even in the basic version, which, in combination with the durable knife, reliably cuts even double metal sheets. The special cutting edge geometry also ensures comfortable self-feed, which allows high working speeds of up to 10 m/min without much effort.

2018 05 22 100942

Quick and easy retraction of the slitting shears from the metal sheet is equally important for machining spiral pipes. TRUMPF achieves this through an open cutting head. Thanks to this technical trick, the C 200 can even do without a chip clipper. In addition, the user has a good view of the marking, which allows very accurate setting of the slitting shear.

In order to achieve a high application versatility of the new slitting shear, the tool has a rechargeable 18 V battery and is compatible with a range of different cut guides and suitable cutters that are available in the respective accessory sets. In addition to the standard Spiro set there are five other sets that focus on cutting quality, speed, easy turns or material compatibility respectively.

Being the series with a rechargeable 18 V battery, the cordless C 200 exhibits a perfect balance of drive performance and run time. Its most outstanding feature is the combination of a brushless motor and the proprietary power head technology. The high-visibility charge status display is placed directly on the motor, telling the user when a recharge is needed. Low energy consumption, short charging times and the standard second battery enable continuous usage over a longer period of time. The rechargeable 2 Ah batteries can be charged to 80% within 15 minutes (100% in 30 min).

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Ardian's Italmatch buys Afton's MWF business

Group enters into an agreement for the acquisition of Afton Chemical’s metalworking fluid (MWF) business.

The transaction is consistent with Italmatch Chemicals Group’s growth strategy and strengthens its position in industrial lubricants market.

Italmatch Chemicals, a global specialty chemical group leader in the production and marketing of industrial lubricants, performance additives for water & process treatment, oil & gas and plastics, entered into an agreement with Afton Chemical, a global leader in the lubricant and fuel additive market, for the acquisition of Afton’s metalworking fluid business (former Polartech).

2018 05 22 100153

In particular, the deal includes: the acquisition of the entire business and assets relating to metalworking fluid carried out in Bedford Park (Illinois, USA) and Manchester (UK, Europe) sites, the know-how, technology and business in India and China, with production carried out from Hyderabad plant and in China.

This transaction further strengthens Italmatch Chemicals Group’s position in the industrial lubricants and MWF business, integrating the current production range with a series of fluid additives for high-performance metal processing thanks to the application of advanced technologies.

Sergio Iorio, CEO of Italmatch Chemicals Group, stated: “This acquisition represents for Italmatch Chemicals a significant step forward in the strategy of expanding its market position in the industrial lubricants market – The agreement strategically follows the recent acquisition of Elco Corporation in the USA, still in industrial lubricants business, allowing an important development of our current production range, through the introduction of new and advanced technologies mainly dedicated to water MWF and permitting to count on new sites in the USA, in Europe and India. In the recent years we have heavily invested in this field and we are proud to be considered today a leading international player.”

Maurizio Turci, CFO, Corporate Affairs and HR Director of Italmatch Chemicals Group said: “The transaction falls into Italmatch Chemicals Group’s growth strategy and follows the recent acquisitions in Latin America, in the USA and in Asia-Pacific and proves the Group’s aim to keep growing also through external lines and global coverages. From an industrial point of view, this acquisition presents strong components of innovation, research and technology and with the launch of significant entrepreneurial and commercial synergies, it can have a positive impact on medium/ long-term sustainability for the results of the industrial lubricants Business Unit. "

The transaction is expected to close by the end of May 2018.

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E-FORM by BLM GROUP is a system that can be configured up to 9 passes to carry out deformation, end-machining and rolling operations.

E-FORM is a powerful and versatile end-forming system for metal tube ends able to carry out many integrated machining operations such as end-machining, forming and rolling. The possibility to program over 9 passes, that can be 7 push passes and 2 revolving passes or 6 push passes and 3 revolving passes, ensures many configuration solutions and high versatility of the system. Programming is extremely simplified thanks to the implementation of VGP2D.

2018 05 22 095919

This system is part of the All-Electric series from BLM GROUP. All handling axes are electrically driven and NC controlled, therefore they ensure very high positioning accuracy and set-up times reduced to a minimum.

This system is characterised by various aspects starting from space on machine top that enables forming of complex parts therefore widening machine field of application.

The new vice clamping system with a force of 25 t, and a greater clamping strength, combined with the choice of single punch feed with a thrust force up to 10 t for a better quality of end-forming. The process is also more reliable and effective for machining thicker materials and stainless steel.

Cycle time optimization, also in case of single punch feed, is provided by handling the punches with a differentiated stroke for which two controlled axes are used. It is also possible to have punches with different lengths without any interference with the vice.

Tool stroke increase widens the machining possibilities on E-FORM making it possible to carry out forming at a greater distance from tube end.

Finally, the new all-electric differential rolling system with three controlled axes, can work on copper, aluminium and stainless steel tubes up to 30 mm long. Adjustment and handling of rollers is carried out by two electrical axes whereas another axis controls the contrast mandrel axial to the tube.

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New Collaboration in the Pipeline Promises Great Connections

Three internationally acclaimed pipeline integrity consultants based in Newcastle have moved into shared office space to create a network of support and expertise.

The three companies, Pipeline Integrity Engineers (PIE), HighGrade Associates (HGA) and Holistic Integrity Consulting have capitalised on their long-standing relationships and moved into an office suite in Gosforth's Regent Centre.

2018 05 22 095631The move will enable the three consultancies in pipeline technology to mutually benefit from each other's huge amount of experience in this high technology specialist sector.  The fusion of firms is set to create a collaboration that will offer a comprehensive range of complimentary services to energy companies worldwide. Together, the three businesses have worked in over 20 countries and contain some of the leading experts in integrity management.

HGA is a specialist team of engineers and consultants, owned by Principal Consultants, Tim and Susannah Turner.  The duo has more than 25 years' experience each in the industry and specialise in pipeline integrity assessment for both upstream and downstream pipelines. Their experience encompasses a wide range from stress analysis and strain-based design to probabilistic investigations and risk-based integrity management strategies. HGA is truly independent, aiming to use out-of-the-box thinking to provide objective and innovative solutions.

PIE brings together five expert engineering consultants, Dr Jane Haswell, Gary Senior, Nikki Barker, Tony Stonehewer and Graham Goodfellow to offer services associated with the design, construction, operation and safe integrity management of high pressure pipelines in the UK and across the globe. The business was formed in 1998 and their clients currently include Gas Networks Ireland, National Grid, Northern Gas Networks, Mutual Energy, Shell and E-On.

Dr Jane Haswell's expertise has been put to good use for 16 years as the Professional Chair of the Institute of Gas Engineers and Managers' TD1 panel which is the authority for the design, construction, inspection, operation and maintenance of natural gas pipelines.

Holistic Integrity's Andy Fuller from Cullercoats started his career as a pipe fitter/welder.  He soon progressed into integrity management which saw him working for various big energy names and inspired him to form Holistic Integrity in October 2017.  His current consultancy work includes offering general engineering support to Northern Gas Networks and delivering emergency training to a gas network company on the Isle of Man.  He is also involved in developing good practice guides for the industry and sits on industrial bodies such as UKOPA.

Andy said: "Ensuring the continued operation of pipeline systems is about making the right integrity assessments and engineering judgements using a robust methodology and knowledge network. We've used a similar methodology when looking at our options for working closer together.

"We already know each other from working together on many projects over the years and a close professional collaboration is the obvious move for all of us. Combined, our knowledge, experience and contacts in the industry are vast.  Sharing office space will enable us to bounce ideas off each other and will move all three companies forward into a very bright future."

All three companies work on a global scale to advise on pipeline technology and integrity solutions.  The advantage they offer is that they are all completely independent from inspection and technology companies meaning that the advice given is always impartial as they're not there to sell inspection or repair services. The expertise offered covers not only oil and gas but is transferable to other industries that use pipeline systems, such as water and mining companies. 

The north east has long been renowned as a hot-bed of technical talent and resources which is called upon by specialists all over the globe.  This exciting collaboration of the best minds in the energy pipeline business is set to create a seismic impact worldwide.

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