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Turbex ( will launch at MACH 2018 its ProLine 2 range of automated cleaning lines, intended for applications where a very high level of precision cleaning is needed. There are four variants in the modular, fine and ultra-fine cleaning line range - Easy, Auto, Semi and Auto+. Available in five tank sizes, they offer different levels of capability including semi-automatic handling and also cater for various component weights and production quantities. The Auto+ model includes a noise reduction enclosure that doubles as a clean room interface.

A hallmark of these machines is multi-frequency ultrasonics, enabling a single transducer to generate two different ultrasonic frequencies. Cycle times can be significantly shorter and there is the added advantage that dis-similar components and materials can be processed in the same tank. An additional feature of ProLine 2 is the option of side-mounted ultrasonic technology for special component geometries. Different drying systems are available including hot air, infrared and vacuum to allow optimum processing of different materials.

All products, which range from bespoke, multi-tank cleaning and drying lines down to small bench-top units, are aimed primarily at high-end manufacturers in the optics, medical, and precision manufacturing industries. However, the aerospace, automotive, nuclear, electronics and general engineering sectors are also target markets.

2017 12 12 070135A new Turbex ProLine 2 high precision, automated cleaning line.

Global and targeted cleaning in a single process

To be promoted for the first time in the UK will be targeted cleaning, rinsing and drying technology in a single chamber machine. It works alongside global spray-flood action, coupled with highly controllable kinematics and rotatable ultrasonic transducers. The targeted / global tandem process is intended for efficient and reliable removal of swarf, oil and other contaminants from difficult-to-reach areas such as undercuts, blind bores and intricate channels.

Aimed in particular at manufacturers in the hydraulics and diecasting industries, it addresses the problem of accessible surfaces of complex components being over-cleaned before the cleanliness of interior contours meets the required specification.

Central to the new process is a tool positioning system into which the parts to be cleaned are fixtured. Via integrated nozzles in specific locations to suit the components, water or air is guided directly to bores, channels, holes and other difficult areas to be cleaned. Newly developed central bearing kinematics with dual-channel rotary feedthrough assist projection of the cleaning medium, making it flow with a high degree of turbulence.

Currently, targeted cleaning is available on the JAVA and PALMA machines. Other benefits of the process include lower process temperature and hence energy savings, shorter cleaning times, reproducible quality and reduced consumption of cleaning chemicals. A video showing the principle of targeted cleaning and drying may be viewed

2017 12 12 070154Schematic of the Turbex targeted cleaning system.

Processing of larger components

A heavy duty Turbex aqueous washing machine will be on the stand from the supplier's AC-range of front-loading, spray washing and rinsing models. They have proved particularly popular in the UK for degreasing, precision cleaning, phosphating, paint removal, descaling and de-rusting. Manufactured from stainless steel, the AC programme comprises both single- and multi-stage units with options for one, two or three process tanks. Standard sizes range from one to three metres in diameter, although larger machine sizes are available.

These PLC-controlled machines provide a high level of cleaning performance due to ingenious design principles combined with high spray pressures and liquid flow rates achieved by the powerful pump. The spray system, also of stainless steel, rotates around a fixed load that can weigh several tonnes. Acoustic as well as thermal insulation protect operators from undue noise and heat.

Air blast and hot air drying stages are optional, as is gas instead of electric heating. Other optional accessories include steam extraction, automatic refill, an oil skimmer or separator and a detergent dosing unit. A manually operated spray lance with its own impeller pump can also be supplied, allowing particularly awkward soils to be removed. Alternatively, temporary use of the equipment as a manual spray booth is possible.

Ultrasonic tanks

Completing the exhibits will be models from the Turbex range of bench-top and floor-standing ultrasonic cleaning tanks, which can be used stand-alone, as bench-mounted units or as part of an integrated modular cleaning system.

Available in a variety of sizes, they feature a welded stainless steel tank, double lid with thermal and acoustic insulation, thermostatically controlled indirect heating in the side walls, and an electronic control with digital time / temperature display. A level guard cuts off the heating and ultrasonics if there is insufficient liquid in the tank.

A variety of options is available, such as stainless steel work baskets, filtration, a storage tank with oil separator, and a hot air dryer.


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CEO of Royal Academy of Engineering gowns up to receive his honorary award

Rear Admiral Philip Greenish received the award of Honorary of the University for services to engineering

INNOVATIVE engineers are vital to the UK’s future prosperity, said Chief Executive Officer of the Royal Academy of Engineering when he received his honorary award from the University of Huddersfield.

Rear Admiral Philip Greenish, a former Royal Navy officer who has been RAE CEO since 2003.  After receiving his award, the Rear-Admiral saluted the role played by the University of Huddersfield in many areas of technical advance.

He said that: “In these challenging times, it is engineers that are leading the way in addressing so many of society’s needs, including the needs of the economy.  The UK’s future success would depend on engineering innovation, researcher and entrepreneurship.”

2017 12 05 145231

The Honorary Doctorate was bestowed by University of Huddersfield Vice-Chancellor Professor Bob Cryan – himself a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering – at one of the November sequence of awards ceremonies.

The oration describing the career of Rear Admiral Greenish told how, as an engineering graduate, he served with the Navy for almost 30 years, beginning as weapons engineer in destroyers and frigates, with his career culminating in promotion to Rear Admiral with responsibility for engineering, personnel and front-line logistics support for the Royal Navy and Royal Marines.

“Philip is passionate about engineering,” said Professor Cryan.  “He is positive about the progress that has been made in the understanding and appreciation of engineers and engineering by government, but is determined to increase the recognition of engineering in UK society more generally.”

Rear Admiral Philip Greenish
Philip Greenish joined the Royal Navy in 1969 as he started an engineering science degree at Durham University.  He graduated in 1972 and spent much of the next 15 years in destroyers and frigates or in design and support roles ashore, including a spell working for the Canadian Navy in Nova Scotia.  

Later jobs were mostly in the Ministry of Defence in Whitehall.  In his final role, as a Rear Admiral, he was responsible for engineering, personnel and logistic support for the front-line of the Royal Navy and Royal Marines.  He is a graduate of the Royal College of Defence Studies.

The Academy has grown significantly under his leadership with a vision to put engineering in the heart of society where it is in reality, if not yet in perception.  The Academy’s elected Fellowship of outstanding engineers provides leadership across all fields of engineering.  With the UK facing a difficult future, its role, and the role of engineering, has never been more important.

Philip sits on Southampton University Council and is a Board Member of EngineeringUK.  He has served on two research councils, was a founding trustee of the Science Media Centre and is a Fellow of the Institution of Engineering and Technology.  He was appointed CBE in 2003.

The University of Huddersfield – Inspiring Tomorrow's Professionals
The University of Huddersfield has a growing reputation as an inspiring, innovative provider of higher education of international renown.  Recognised as a leader in enterprise and innovation, the University has been the recipient of the Times Higher Education’s University of the Year Award and Entrepreneurial University of the Year and was awarded a Queen’s Awards for Enterprise.  In the 2015, the University achieved 5 star status from international ratings organisation QS Stars in the areas of teaching, internationalisation, employability, and for facilities and access.   It is currently number one in England for the proportion of staff with teaching qualifications and recently became one of the few universities in the UK to be awarded the ‘Gold’ standard in the Government’s new Teaching Excellence Framework.  

The University annually welcomes over 19,000 students to a range of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes across subjects covering…

…the sciences, engineering and IT
…health, education and the social sciences
…business, management, law and accountancy
…architecture, design, humanities and the arts.

The University of Huddersfield’s researchers are dedicated to solving the problems and answering the questions posed by industry, science and society as a whole.  Its research is showcased by internationally-recognised centres of excellence, strategic industry relationships and a commitment to providing state-of-the-art facilities and equipment.  

The Chancellor of the University is His Royal Highness The Duke of York, KG, and the Vice-Chancellor is Professor Bob Cryan CBE.


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First Capital Gold Announces New Website Launch

Precious Metals Dealer Launches New Innovative Web Site

First Capital Gold, a global dealer of precious metals and coins is pleased to announce the launch of its newly redesigned website.

2017 12 04 191523"We are excited to unveil our new website and the improved experience it provides for our clients,” said Mary Jones, Director of Public Relations for First Capital Gold. "The new website is built on an enterprise-level platform that will support our efforts as we continue to grow our services and online presence giving our clients unparalleled access to key investment information on precious metals."

Visitors to will find a design update and enhanced client experience that taps the latest technologies to provide a more personalized experience across all devices.

The new website is built on an enterprise-level platform that will support our efforts as we continue to grow our services and online presence giving our clients unparalleled access to key investment information on precious metals.

Mary Jones, Director of Public Relations

"The new site is an amazing step forward to what will ultimately become an unrivaled platform for our clients and investors," said Jones.

About First Capital Gold

First Capital Gold is a precious metals brokerage firm based in Los Angeles, California. It enable investors to purchase precious metals they physically hold, convert IRA accounts into eligible metal products as opposed to merely owning them on paper. Additionally, First Capital Gold is considered the leader in Precious Metal IRAs. Including gold and other precious metals in client retirement portfolio lowers their risk by diversifying from paper assets, thus hedging against the economy and inflation. 

Source: First Capital Gold

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Gratnells Engineering in the fast lane with new Powder Coating line

Gratnells Engineering, The Harlow based company, has recently invested in a new state-of-the-art Powder Coating line that allows for shorter runs than ever before, without impacting on a best-quality finish.

The new machine, which includes equipment built by Surface Finishing Group, has a lengthy 85-meter conveyorised production line and a spray booth complete with electrostatic/Corona guns produced by Gema. The Spray booth contains sensors upon entry that ensures no wastage occurs, as the machine only sprays if metal is present in the booth.

The customer workpiece goes through a phosphate wash, rinse and then is dried in the oven. It will undergo a heating process to cure the item, where the powder will melt into a smooth uniform film, and finally will be cooled to ensure a hard-resilient coating and high-quality finish.

2017 12 04 104013

The result is a process that allows for urgent demands to be met thanks to shorter production runs, shorter lead times and higher resistance to chemicals, high temperatures and UV light.

Whilst this increase in speed has obvious advantages to customers, the versatility of the line is also noteworthy. Demands on modern manufacturers mean an adaptable process that can handle various product outputs is often a necessity. Since it’s implementation the line has already successfully produced a large variety of items, including railings, doors, windows, automotive parts, industrial machinery, furniture and garden furniture.

The efficiency of the new line means metal can be coated in any RAL or British Standard colour, meaning customer choice is wider than ever.  The process is also now more environmentally friendly, especially when compared with standard painting processes.

2017 12 04 104048

Loic Jones, Operations Director, says “Gratnells Engineering decided to invest in a state of the art powder coating line and utilise the latest powder coating technology to enables us to offer short production runs with the best quality finish, to our customer base. This substantial investment will allow Gratnells Engineering to continually support the ever-demanding needs of modern manufacturing clients”.

Gratnells Engineering has also recently launched, a new website that outlines some of the key benefits of the line and streamlines the decision-making process for customers even further.

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Driving topline growth and efficiency

Solid progress towards becoming the best value creator in stainless steel by 2020

Outokumpu is making solid progress to become the best value creator in stainless steel by 2020 through customer orientation and efficiency. The company has made significant improvements since the launch of the vision and is solidly on track to achieve its financial targets.

2014 07 15 071744As adjusted EBITDA is Outokumpu’s key performance indicator, the 2020 profitability target - EBIT of EUR 500 million – has been revised, and the corresponding adjusted EBITDA target is EUR 750 million in 2020.

Says Roeland Baan, President and CEO: “We have made substantial progress since the launch of our 2020 vision and the financial targets we set ourselves in 2016 are solidly within reach. Our profitability has improved considerably and our financial position is healthy. The underlying improvement we have made is tangible and real, even excluding additional support from the market this year.”

Outokumpu’s cost reductions have yielded solid results since 2015. SG&A costs have been reduced by EUR 85 million and procurement costs by EUR 90 million. In addition, other variable costs have been cut by 4% as a result of increased efficiency. Commercially, delivery volumes have increased in the Americas and the product mix has improved in Europe.

New business area structure to increase management focus and transparency

Outokumpu will change its business area structure in the beginning of 2018, and Ferrochrome operations will be separated from business area Europe. After the change, Outokumpu will have four business areas – Europe, the Americas, Long Products and Ferrochrome. The first-quarter 2018 interim statement will reflect the new structure.

Says Roeland Baan: “Ferrochrome is an integral part of Outokumpu’s operations and supported by our Kemi mine, it is a clear competitive advantage to us. The reporting change will increase transparency of our business internally and externally and hence, provide the financial community a better understanding on Outokumpu’s business drivers.”

Key investment projects secure long-term competitiveness

To secure continuous chrome supply for the coming decades, Outokumpu invests approximately EUR 250 million in Kemi mine expansion during 2017-2020. In addition, the company is investing approximately EUR 100 million by 2020 in business transformation project Chorus which focuses on harmonizing business processes and ways of working and paves the way for Outokumpu’s digital transformation beyond 2020.

Outokumpu updates its capital expenditure guidance for upcoming years. Due to the ongoing projects, annual capital expenditure is expected to remain stable, slightly above EUR 200 million level until 2020. Earlier Outokumpu expected its annual capital expenditure to be between EUR 150-200 million over the coming years. Capital expenditure in 2017 is expected to be approximately EUR 180 million.

Balance sheet remains a key priority

Outokumpu’s solid cash flow generation has strengthened the balance sheet significantly over the past two years. Improved financial position enables the company to reduce financing costs remarkably.

Says Christoph de la Camp, CFO: “We are targeting to halve our interest expenses by 2020. Obviously, solid cash flow generation will open options for the future but strengthening the balance sheet remains a key priority. We are aiming to reduce our net debt to EBITDA ratio to below 1.0.”

Outokumpu is the global leader in stainless steel. We aim to be the best value creator in stainless by 2020, through our competitive edge of customer orientation and efficiency. The foundation of our business is our ability to tailor stainless steel into any form and for almost any purpose. Stainless steel is sustainable, durable and designed to last forever. Our customers use it to create civilization’s basic structures and its most famous landmarks as well as products for households and various industries. Outokumpu employs 10,000 professionals in more than 30 countries, with headquarters in Helsinki, Finland

Capital Markets Day 14112017.pdf

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New SSAB M43 hardenable steel is a revolution in reliable performance and easy quenching

SSAB M43 steel can be quenched in plain water without an immediate need for tempering, and still reach exceptionally high values for hardness and impact strength. 

SSAB M43 includes a number of innovations in steel production. The chemical composition (patent pending) and unique rolling parameters provide outstanding workshop properties and performance of the final products.

Examination after shearing, flame cutting, punching and quenching in water confirms the performance of this revolutionary material.Examination after shearing, flame cutting, punching and quenching in water confirms the performance of this revolutionary material.

SSAB M43 can be quenched in water instead of aqueous quenching fluids or oil for a cheaper, safer and more environmentally friendly process. It saves energy and time in production and reduces CO2 emissions.

Heat treatment results in a fully martensitic, fine-grain microstructure with an unmatched hardness to toughness ratio. SSAB M43 can reach 3 times higher toughness than a medium alloyed chrome-vanadium or chrome-molybdenum steel. Typical hardness and toughness values are 58 HRC and 25 J/cm2 at +20°C.

For even greater toughness, low-temperature tempering is enough to reach > 30 J/cm2 with hardness still at a level of 56 HRC. Shearing, blanking and piercing can be executed without a risk of micro-cracking, thereby avoiding more time-consuming and expensive processing.

SSAB is a Nordic and US-based steel company. SSAB offers value added products and services developed in close cooperation with its customers to create a stronger, lighter and more sustainable world. SSAB has employees in more than 50 countries. SSAB has production facilities in Sweden, Finland and the US. SSAB is listed on the Nasdaq OMX Nordic Exchange in Stockholm and has a secondary listing on the Nasdaq OMX in Helsinki.

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Lincoln Electric’s New Welding Technology & Training Center to Open in January 2018

Commemorates the centennial anniversary of the company’s legacy welding school

Commemorating the 100th anniversary of its legacy welding school, Lincoln Electric® will open its new Welding Technology & Training Center, on its Euclid, Ohio, campus in January. Classes begin in the new facility on Jan. 8.

The center’s opening maintains the company’s role of running the oldest continually-operating welding school in the world. The facility further reflects Lincoln Electric’s 100-year commitment to leading welding education and innovation in an era of strong demand for skilled trades.

Lincoln Electric's Welding Technology & Training Center Lincoln Electric's Welding Technology & Training Center

“This new Welding Technology & Training Center reinforces Lincoln Electric’s dedication to education and the future of welding,” says Jason Scales, manager, Education Solutions, Lincoln Electric. “We design our welding curriculum and programs to meet the needs of students and educators at every level – from basic welding and teaching techniques through advanced processes, such as robotic automation, specialized code certification, welding theory, welding procedure specifications and more.”

The two-story, 100,000-square-feet-plus facility doubles Lincoln’s welding education capacity. The building features a virtual reality training lab with 10 VRTEX Virtual Reality Web Simulation Trainers, 166 welding and cutting booths, six seminar rooms, 13 welding school classrooms, a 100-seat auditorium, an atrium and a reception area.

The Lincoln Electric Welding Technology & Training Center is equipped to help students focus on career pathways and looks to the industry’s future in its programming offerings. It also will showcase and integrate Lincoln Electric’s latest technologies and solutions into a comprehensive welding curriculum – making it the industry’s most advanced facility of its kind.

“We know the demand for comprehensive skills and knowledge is higher than ever and we’re committed to preparing the next generation of welders, managers and industry leaders,” adds Scales.

For more information, visit Lincoln Electric’s Education Solutions website.

Lincoln Electric is the world leader in the design, development and manufacture of arc welding products, robotic arc welding systems, plasma and oxyfuel cutting equipment and has a leading global position in the brazing and soldering alloys market. Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, Lincoln has 63 manufacturing locations, including operations and joint ventures in 23 countries and a worldwide network of distributors and sales offices covering more than 160 countries. For more information about Lincoln Electric and its products and services, visit the Company's website at

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Oak-Smi partnership generates results

The newly minted OAK-SMI partnership has continued to prove itself to be a great advantage to OAK and SMI customers.

2017 11 22 073118Recently, an OAK customer in Brazil needed a machine to fit their specific production requirements. This particular machine is not part of the OAK product line, but is offered by SMI. OAK and SMI representatives successfully coordinated the sale of this specific machine to that customer, providing them with an ideal solution to meet their needs.

The OAK-SMI partnership is a valuable resource to any heat exchanger manufacturer in the HVAC industry. To benefit from the collaboration, contact your OAK or SMI representative today.

For over 70 years, Burr Oak Tool Inc. has designed customized production machinery for the heat transfer and tube processing industries. OAK machines are installed and successfully operating in over 70 countries. Providing quality machines, service and parts to customers worldwide reinforces Burr Oak’s slogan, “Global Experience. Local Solutions.”

For more information contact Burr Oak Tool Inc., 405 West South Street, Sturgis, MI 49091. Telephone: 001-269-651-9393. Website:

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Handy oxygen measuring Instruments for welders.

2017 11 22 072145

Welders need to measure oxygen near the weld when they are joining metals like titanium, stainless, chrome and duplex steels.

A fast and reliable way to do this, is to use a hand held monitor near the joint to ‘sniff’ samples of the gas and to check the amount of oxygen present.

Ordinary oxygen monitors are not suitable for use in this application, because they are calibrated to be accurate at atmospheric pressure for health and safety purposes, so special oxygen monitors are available that are calibrated to be accurate at 100 ppm of oxygen, which is a suitable value to guide those welding stainless steel and 10 ppm which is an excellent value for the welding of titanium.

Using these  two instruments, known as the “PurgEye® 100 and the PurgEye® 200 operators have easy to use monitors that can be carried with them in all situations, so that they can guarantee to produce a perfect, non oxidized, no colour weld

 A customer recently said: “The PurgEye® 100 is one of the best, if not the best residual oxygen detector instruments on the market today. With its digital residual oxygen level LCD screen readouts measuring as low as 100 ppm and its large user friendly viewing screen making it easier for me to read. The PurgEye® 100 also has a great accuracy of residual oxygen, with speedy measurement's being displayed within seconds.”

Both of these instruments are IP65 rated and have leak-tight push buttons, auto calibration features, vacuum-sealed leak-tight probe assembly and wrist/neck straps

The extra long life sensors allow these instruments to operated for several years without attention although calibration documents and service can be carried out by the manufacture on a yearly basis if required.

As already quoted, the PurgEye® 100 has a clear, easy to read LCD screen, with a 24 mm high display. The display also shows a low battery icon. When the monitor is not in use, an automatic sleep mode activates to conserve battery life.

The PurgEye® 200 has extra facilities with, in particular a PurgeNet™ connection that allows it to join up with a humidity monitor for measuring water vapour present  at the same time.

Huntingdon Fusion Techniques HFT® are Weld Purging Innovators, Designers and Manufacturers with offices located globally.

Huntingdon Fusion Techniques HFT® invented the ‘Weld Purge Monitor®’ in 1975 and own all international intellectual property rights and registered trademarks.  

Weld purging is the act of removing, from the vicinity of the joint, oxygen, water vapour and any other gases or vapours that might be harmful to a welding joint. Such gases may combine with the metal to form undesirable compounds that may reduce corrosion resistance or may be instrumental in creating cracks or other structural defects in metals.

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ArcelorMittal celebrates historic 125 years of steelmaking in Zenica

Celebrations and photo gallery at the 2 November 125th anniversary eventCelebrations and photo gallery at the 2 November 125th anniversary eventArcelorMittal has celebrated 125 years of steelmaking in Zenica, marking the occasion with a special event attended by more than 200 dignitaries and guests.

The event, held on 2 November, was hosted by Mr Biju Nair, chief executive officer of ArcelorMittal Zenica, who was joined by senior representatives from ArcelorMittal’s global management.

Among the dignitaries and guests gathered for the occasion, the Prime Minister of the Federation of Bosnia & Herzegovina Fadil Novalić attended (pictured), as well as Miralem Galijašević, the Prime Minister of ZE-DO Canton, and Fuad Kasumović, Mayor of Zenica City.

Commenting, Mr Nair said:

“Thanks to its 125-year history of steelmaking, the city of Zenica has been built around steel. There are very few other steel plants in the world with such a unique history and such a long and distinguished record of overcoming enormous challenges. Through everything, the Zenica team has proved that it’s good enough to overcome every challenge. Life without passion is meaningless: the Zenica team has a great passion to sustain steelmaking in this city.

“Historical memories give the new generation positive energy to build a new future, so we are proud to announce on this special occasion the opening of our renovated museum, which tells the story of steel in Zenica, all the way back to 1892.”

Mr Augustine Kochuparampil, chief executive of ArcelorMittal Europe - Long Products, congratulated the city on its historic achievement on behalf of Mr Lakshmi Mittal, chairman and CEO of ArcelorMittal and reaffirmed the company’s commitment to the future.

“We are proudly continuing the long industrial tradition in Zenica, and working together with you all to build a long-term, sustainable future for steelmaking here,” he said.

ArcelorMittal arrived in Zenica in 2004, and since then the company has invested more than 325 million KM (EUR166m) to restart and develop integrated production, which had been closed for many years prior to its arrival.

Investments continue, focusing on environmental performance as well as production facilities.

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