Ian Melin-Jones

Ian Melin-Jones

Thursday, 23 January 2020 08:56

Welding Enclosures for Titanium Parts

Welding titanium alloys often has to be carried out in an environment where oxygen can be eliminated throughout the welding cycle. If the parts were to come into contact with oxygen ay any point, the reactive metal can become contaminated, oxidising which can lead to reductions in corrosion resistance and mechanical strength.

Metal glove boxes, which are still in use today, can be used to provide an inert gas coverage. However these glove boxes are often large, heavy and expensive. Welders are challenged by their lack of flexibility when welding small parts.

Ultra low cost Flexible Welding Enclosures® designed by Huntingdon Fusion Techniques HFT® are easy to use. They are manufactured from an optically clear ultra-violet resistant engineering grade pvc, providing excellent vision and ease of access.

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Luke Keane, Technical Support at HFT® said: “For many years the enormous cost of a metal enclosure prevented all but the major companies taking on work involving the fabrication of zirconium and titanium alloys. To the rescue came HFT® a decade or so ago with the introduction of purpose made Flexible Welding Enclosures®. We now manufacture Standard and Specially Made Enclosures to meet all requirements. There is no job too small.”

The use of Flexible Welding Enclosures® has also increased during development of the Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing process, providing an inert gas shield around the titanium and other reactive alloy components.

Georgia Gascoyne, CEO for HFT® said: “We have built a large number of different shapes and sizes, mostly to customer specification. Each one has its own identity with a variety of glove ports and dimensions. Some can accommodate a complete robot system internally. They are in use worldwide for applications including the aerospace, medical and motorsport sectors.”

“Inert gas such as argon is used to fill the enclosure and expel the air until the oxygen content is below 50 parts per million (ppm). It is essential when producing metallic components from alloys of titanium, zirconium and other reactive materials that the welding zone is purged of oxygen to a level lower than 50 ppm.”

Each Enclosure is manufactured with a connection for a Weld Purge Monitor®, so the oxygen level can be measured at all times. Transfer sleeves also makes it possible to pass small parts in or out of the enclosure without affecting the purge quality.

Made in Wales – Manufacturer of the Year 2019!

Huntingdon Fusion Techniques HFT® have a Worldwide Exclusive Distributor Network.

Magnetic Analysis Corp., Sensor Networks, Inc. and Zetec, three NDT leaders, have joined forces to offer the ZMS program, a single alternative for bar and tube producers needing to service and upgrade their phased array systems such as ROWA and BIS for detecting flaw/ wall thickness/ geometry and lamination.

With an emphasis on providing customers with fast  service for reliable, price-competitive UT array transducers and electronics, along with repair, maintenance, and  spare parts, these three companies, working together with one  point of contact, can bring existing test systems up to the latest standards.  Improved inspection through-put speeds and enhanced defect probability of detection can be achieved.

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MAC® (Magnetic Analysis Corporation) of Elmsford,  NY, will be the  sole  point of contact for customers serving as the  prime contractor, system integrator and  service provider.  MAC is a global company and has been designing and  manufacturing NDT instruments and  systems for metal producers for over 90 years.  With experienced Field Engineers and  Representatives based

throughout the  U.S. and worldwide, they have an in depth understanding of bar and tube producer requirements for integrating inspection instruments and production mechanics to meet today’s demanding specifications. Working with Zetec instrumentation, MAC will supply user friendly operator interface controls. Test results are  displayed as B and  C Scans.

ZetecInc. of Snoqualmie, WA, a global  leader in nondestructive testing (NDT) solutions for power generation, manufacturing, oil & gas, aerospace and  more,  will provide the  phased array  electronics and  underlying software. Zetec’s QuartZ Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing (PAUT) instrument is the answer to the  requirements of complex and  high-speed inspections in the  harshest of industrial environments. The combination of UltraVision® software with QuartZ scalability and  robustness offer the  perfect solution for creating custom inspection solutions in a seamlessly integrated package.

SNI (Sensor Networks, Inc.) of State College, PA will provide their state of the  art transducers, including custom designs for specific applications.  Variables such as frequency, number of elements, mechanical packaging, cable and  connector styles can be replicated. SNI will work with MAC® to develop an enhanced program for rebuilt or spare transducers. SNI specializes in the design and  manufacture of both conventional and  phased-array ultrasonic transducers.  Their team of engineers and  production personnel have  decades of experience with transducers used in the demanding environment of the  factory-floor, QC, inspection and  testing.

With the  ZMS program, bar and tube producers can look to one  source for all their needs for upgrade, maintenance, spare parts and  repairs for their full body  UT inspection systems.

Sustainable, eco-friendly, energy saving and innovative: this is how most manufacturing companies wish to come across to the public.

2020 01 09 085655However, the road to reach this goal is a long and winded one, especially for resource-intensive technology companies in the wire, cable and tube industries. It often takes companies years to comply with the requirements relating to climate efficiency, sustainability and resource-saving processes.

All the more reason why Messe Düsseldorf is now focusing on an ecoMetals campaign during the leading international trade fairs wire and Tube: for the entire duration of the trade fair from 30 March to 3 April 2020 there will be guided tours – so-called ecoMetals tours – offered to the stands of exhibitors who produce in a sustainable manner that saves resources and cuts emissions.  

You will be given the opportunity to inform participants on the ecoMetals tours personally and in detail about your company’s innovations at your stand for a nominal charge of EUR 900. Interested exhibitors can apply under www.wire.de/ecometals_exhibitor or

Interested trade visitors get information under www.wire-tradefair.com/ecometals_visitor or www.tube-tradefair.com/ecometals_visitor. There will guided information tours free of charge starting at the ecoMetals information counter at the Nord entrance.

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