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Monday, 26 March 2018 08:19

Excellence at Polysoude

The Tube 2018 trade show in Düsseldorf is a chance for players in the tubing industry to present their latest innovations from manufacturing to on-site assembly.

This show will be the opportunity for Polysoude to present its orbital tube welding solutions, developed thanks to many years of expertise in the TIG process and which meets customers’ needs as closely as possible.

Polysoude has also innovated in the sector of tube weld overlay by developing TIG bi-cathode technology (TIGer) which creates significant productivity gains.

2018 03 26 101751

Orbital TIG welding: Quality and yield

Regulations and standards that govern the tube sector are imposing stricter quality on manufacturers. Based on this observation, for several years Polysoude has been developing orbital welding solutions using the TIG process.

This is a stable and reliable process, with or without filler wire, and can be used on all sorts of materials. Combined with a wide variety of Polysoude welding heads and programmable power sources, it thus covers all tube sectors and ensures quality, regularity and repetitiveness in line with manufacturers’ demands.

Among its wide orbital welding range, in recent years Polysoude has developed the MW34 for high-productivity applications without wire filler. Its compact design, its ergonomics and its high operating factor are its key advantages. It is fitted with titanium tube clamp inserts (TCI™), which adapt to tube dimension tolerance variations and meet non-contamination requirements. With an operating range from 6 to 34 mm, the tool is ideal for the aeronautics, bio-chemistry and micro-electronics sectors, as well as pharmaceutical, food and conventional chemistry sectors.

For clean room welding applications, Polysoude can complete the installation with its P4 power source and its remote touchscreen option. The operator can thus select the welding procedure, programme and monitor the welds without leaving the cleanroom, thus minimising the risk of contamination.

2018 03 26 101819Polysoude has also added the TS 8/75-2 welding head to its range. Its advantages are its high duty cycle and its pneumatic clamping system controlled via its ergonomic handle. Its integrated rotating wire feeder is also a significant advantage as the wire does not become twisted and no longer has to endure any variations in speed; this results in productivity and quality gains.

Suitable for all drilling pitches thanks to its adjustable stand-off legs and with a wide range of tooling available, the TS 8/75-2 is the ideal welding head for all types of tubular heat exchangers consisting of tubes with an inner diameter of 10 to 60 mm.

SPX TIGer weld overlay: Constant productivity gains

One concern of pipe manufacturers, which has clearly increased in recent years, is productivity gain. With this in mind and after years of development, Polysoude has developed the TIGer. Technology.

This bi-cathode technology designed especially for cladding allows lower ferrite levels (< 5 %) and deposition rates above6kg/h with a speed of 1000 mm/min, while preserving the quality of conventional TIG. It therefore responds perfectly to the requested productivity gain.

Polysoude aims to continually adjust to market requirements and, based on long-standing experience in weld overlay using endless rotating collector heads (SPX) in TIG Hot Wire welding, Polysoude can now propose its TIGer process for SPX heads and thus provide continual high-yield weld overlay.

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On the 8th and 9th of June, Polysoude held its 2016 ‘Master Classes in Mechanised TIG Welding and Cladding’… and confirmed that innovative equipment, ingenious expertise, together with enthusiastic participation is the perfect formula for successful Open Days!

logoThe International event was held at the Nuclear AMRC, in Sheffield, where a record number of technicians, managers and industrialists attended, all eager to gain first-hand knowledge of the latest technological developments in mechanised and orbital TIG welding and cladding. The pairing of Polysoude’s state of the art equipment and expertise, with the unparalleled facilities of the Nuclear AMRC certainly proved to be a winning combination!

The event focussed on technological advancement built on historical successes; a theme which was resonant in both the presentations and in the live demonstrations of Polysoude’s latest, cutting edge equipment. The opening speech was made by Mr. Keith Bridger, Head of Welding and Materials Engineering, who gave a brief history of the Nuclear AMRC and its role in supporting industrial advancement. He emphasised the importance of Polysoude’s sponsorship, for if the Nuclear AMRC is to support industries in the New Nuclear Build and the Oil & Gas sector, it needs new equipment, such as Polysoude’s innovative Narrow Groove TIG Welding Torches and Weld Overlay Cladding Systems.

Mr. Hans-Peter Mariner, CEO of the Polysoude group, introduced the UK team and the welding technicians, stressing the multi-national nature of the event, drawing on presenters and demonstrators from many countries, an ability which Polysoude has because of its well-established global network, world-wide resources, and offices, which can be called upon at any time to respond to customers. He hoped that the equipment demonstrated would prove where the future lies in terms of manufacturing.

Dr. Steve Jones, renowned Professor in Joining & Additive Manufacturing Sciences at Coventry University, noted the importance of building on past efforts and innovations in order to develop Power Source Technology. In addition, he stressed that effective communication between ideologists and manufacturers, during the design phase, is vital, as it enables Polysoude, for example, to design and adapt equipment perfectly to fulfil customers’ unique demands.

A carousel approach allowed groups of participants to see and learn at first-hand the capabilities of Polysoude technology. As technicians gave live demonstrations in orbital welding, automated Narrow Groove welding and Weld Overlay Cladding, Polysoude representatives explained procedures and answered the many interested and enthusiastic questions.
Customers Applaud Polysoude’s Personalised Approach to Solutions
Between the technical presentations, the versatile event programme was made complete by the participation of Polysoude customers, who took the floor to share their experiences in the use of Polysoude equipment. Mr Alan Robinson, of Arc Energy Resources, gave his observations on the development of Weld Overlay Cladding Technologies, from the past, when suppliers were unable to integrate cladding equipment, to the present, when Polysoude utilises a growing market by designing and personalising equipment specifically for its customers and their requirements. In particular, Mr Robinson noted the excellence of Polysoude’s latest TIGer technology, in terms of speed and efficiency, stating that it will be “revolutionary”.  

Mr. Norman Cooper of BAE Systems gave a presentation on Mechanised and Orbital Welding in Critical & High-value Manufacturing, which outlined the dramatic and exciting changes from manual welding to successful automated, programmable TIG Orbital Welding. Mr Cooper pointed out how Polysoude has risen to the challenge of heightened quality control by producing equipment of enhanced quality and reliability with zero defects.
Mr. Charles Byrne of Graham Hart Process Technology rounded off the presentations. He explained how the introduction of Polysoude technology in the form of tube sheet welding heads, improved the manufacture of heat exchangers, by guaranteeing quality and high performance, thereby raising his company’s profile and validity with customers.

Let Loose The TIGer!
After whetting the appetite of participants, they were allowed to savour one of the major breakthroughs in the field of Weld Overlay Cladding - a process designed particularly for the application of corrosion resistant alloys - the TIGer Cladding System!  A technology, which represents the next evolutionary stage in Hot Wire TIG Technology, the TIGer is capable of reaching much higher cladding speeds and deposition rates than the standard TIG process. A machine fitted with the TIGer technology process will prove to be profitable and economical allowing a 20 to 50% drop in operating costs per kilogram of weld metal.

This was a hugely successful event! Participants found both the presentations and live demonstrations informative and helpful. They enjoyed learning more about the application of the mechanised equipment and were thrilled by experiencing Polysoude’s new orbital and mechanised systems… especially the TIGer!

So, what has been learned from the 2016 Master Classes?
100% effort in collaborating to build future technology +
100% achievement in designing for specific customer needs =
100% success!.

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