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The 14th Metallurgy Litmash, Tube Russia, Aluminium / Non-Ferrous 2014 follows on from the successful event held in June 2013. 3 to 6 June 2014 will see the trade fair being staged again at the Moscow fair grounds Expocentre. The trade fair trio confirms once more its leading function as the most important trade and contact platform for the metallurgical and tube sectors in Russia and its neighbouring states. The quality metal and tube processing and finishing range offered at this year’s event attracted a total of 330 exhibitors and 10,850 visitors from 51 countries to Moscow; of the visitors 95% were trade visitors and 68% came from top and middle management. The amount of foundry technology visitors increased considerably over the previous year.

The trade fair makes it perfectly clear that Russia and its neighbouring states are among the fastest growing regions worldwide. The Russian market for machinery and equipment is lucrative and forecasts say that demand for metal working machines in Russia will triple by 2016 reaching an annual volume of EUR 2.5 billion. The investment made by Russian and foreign enterprises in the modernisation or construction of new production lines in the country is rising constantly. German manufacturers are both sought-after suppliers and investors. For Metallurgy Litmash, Tube Russia, Aluminium/ Non-Ferrous this means: the demand for high-calibre ranges from international manufacturers is also rising.

Metallurgy Litmash, Tube Russia and Aluminium/ Non-Ferrous 2014 receives valuable support from VDMA e.V. (German Engineering Federation), from EUnited Metallurgy (European Metallurgical Equipment Association), from CECOF (The European Committee of Industrial Furnace and Heating Equipment Associations) and from CEMAFON (The European Foundry Equipment Suppliers Association).

Furthermore, the ITA (International Tube Association), MC-CCPIT (Metallurgical Council of China Council for the Promotion) and AMAFOND (Italian Association of the Foundry Supplier) also provide support for the fair.

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Friday, 24 May 2013 09:58

$25 Million Capital Improvement Project

Seamless Tube Pipe, a manufacturer of carbon and alloy seamless cold-drawn pipe and tube, announced that its parent company Optima Specialty Steel has committed $25 million in capital to expand MST's operations and increase production capacity.

As part of the capital improvement project, MST will use $19 million to fund the acquisition of a highly-specialized cold pilger mill and the construction of a new facility to house the mill. The 14,400-square-foot building will also accommodate all of the related tools and processing equipment required to fully integrate the mill into the production process. As the first of its kind for MST's product mix, the mill leverages a unique, cost-effective forming process enabling the company to achieve improved tolerances and longer lengths to meet its clients' specifications.

The remaining $6 million will be used to purchase a new, 377-foot atmosphere controlled furnace. The state-of-the-art furnace will improve material flow and reduce production time. Together, the new mill and furnace will diversify MST's product line, allowing it to expand its operational footprint in the markets it serves.

“The introduction of a new cold pilger mill and atmosphere controlled furnace enables us to expand our already robust tube and pipe offerings while simultaneously increasing our capacity by an additional 700-1300 tons of product each month,” stated Les Whitver, vice president of operations for MST. “We are deeply committed to growing our presence in South Lyon and are thrilled that this project will allow us to offer a wider selection of products at highly competitive prices, creating jobs for the community in the process.”

The $25 million capital improvement project is the latest in a series of investments OSS has made in MST over the past two years designed to maintain the company's position as an innovative leader in the specialty pipe and tube market. Past upgrades include a $1.5 million addition of oxygen fuel burners to MST's hot mill, a $6 million investment to construct the company's fifth pickle house, and the installation of a new $4.5 million quench and temper line.

MST anticipates the new furnace will commence operations in April 2014. The cold pilger mill is projected to be fully operational in early 2015.

Visit for more information.

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Sierra Gorda Sociedad Contractual Minera (SCM) has chosen Metso to supply state-of-the-art control and on/off valves to the Sierra Gorda copper/molybdenum mining project which is currently under construction in the Atacama Desert in Antofagasta region, North of Chile. The valves will be used to control the flow of process and make-up water for a variety of applications in the mine.
The Atacama Desert is one of the driest regions on earth. Precipitation is extremely rare and there is no surface water at the project area. Therefore, the project will rely heavily on sea water delivered via a 350 kilometer long pipeline from the Pacific Ocean. To combat the highly corrosive effects of seawater, Metso will provide valves constructed of SMO254tm austenitic stainless steel, which is highly resistant to the effects of chlorides.
Metso will deliver 54 Neles® V-port segment control valves from 1" to 12", on/off valves from 3" to 18" (with Series B1, QPX pneumatic actuators or BIFFI electric actuators) as well as numerous Jamesbury® ball valves. All of the valves are rated to ANSI#150.
The Sierra Gorda mining facility is expected to process 110,000 tons per day (t/d) of mineral and its operations will begin late in 2014. The anticipated life of the project is 21 years and the equipment supplied has a 25-year life expectancy.
Experienced in valves
Metso is the leading valve solutions and services provider. Its solutions include control valves, automated on/off and emergency shut-down valves, as well as smart positioners and condition monitoring. Metso's world-leading brands include Neles, Jamesbury and Mapag®.

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logoAGELLIS Group, which develops and sells products and solutions to the global metals industry, has received an order totaling 380 KEuro for a measurement system at a copper smelting plant in Europe.

The order relates to a system (EMLI-ELP) that will measure material levels, temperature and also take samples in a copper smelting furnace. The same customer had
previously purchased two EMLI-S systems from Agellis for real-time level measurement of furnace metal levels. The new system will give the customer more information about the process in the furnace and will also provide calibration data to improve the accuracy of the existing EMLI-S systems.

The EMLI-ELP system is expected to be delivered during the third quarter and handed over to the customer during the fourth quarter of 2013.

"A close collaboration with the customer and understanding his needs has laid the ground for this order. Agellis EMLI-ELP has until now been used in silica and platinum furnaces and this order is an important reference for the copper market." says Patrik Bloemer, president of Agellis.

For competitive reasons, Agellis chooses not to mention the end user plant by name.

All Agellis products are based on a common electronic platform called EMLI. EMLI-ELP (Electro Magnetic Level Profiling) measures with high accuracy the different
layers of material in a furnace, such as metal and slag. An accurate level measurement of the different layers in a furnace is a prerequisite for higher yield and increased quality of the metal produced.

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copper rodsSiemens Metals Technologies has received an order from Nexans, a cable manufacturer, to equip the company's copper rod mill in Lens, France, with a modular crop shear solution. The project also includes a mechatronic package that will facilitate an automated mode. The new equipment will not only simplify operation but also increase output and safety at work. Commissioning is planned for the third quarter of 2013.

The 35-year-old rod rolling line in the Nexans plant in Lens will be equipped with a four-bladed rotary shear, replacing a hydraulically operated traversing shear. The new shear, a standard product for Siemens, will cut the size of the current crop section in half, thus maximizing yield. It will also provide a profiled front end to the cast bar to improve feeding it into the finishing mill during the thread up operation. The automated solution will reduce manpower intervention to clear cobbles, which will improve operator safety. The scope of supply for Siemens includes a new gear box, motor, and shear, all leveled, aligned and coupled on a common sole plate for faster installation. In addition, Nexans contracted for a mechatronic package of controls to integrate the new equipment into the main mill control system. Depending on the end product, the mill will be able to process up to 30 tons per hour, and has a nominal capacity of 200,000 tons per annum.

As a worldwide leader in the cable industry, Nexans has an industrial presence in 40 countries and commercial activities worldwide. It offers an extensive range of cables and cabling systems for the infrastructure, industry, building and Local Area Network (LAN) markets. Founded in France in 1897, Nexans today employs 25,000 people and in 2012, had sales of €7.2 billion.

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Outokumpu has started a strategic review of its high performance alloys or VDM business unit. During this review, Outokumpu will evaluate strategic options for VDM and consider how best to drive continued growth and profitability for the business, within or outside of Outokumpu.

Says Outokumpu CEO Mika Seitovirta: “Given the challenging economic and market environment, we want to investigate strategic options for the VDM business unit with the aim of improving our profitability and strengthening our balance sheet while ensuring the realization of at least EUR 200 million of synergy savings enabled by the Inoxum acquisition.”

Outokumpu acquired VDM as part of Inoxum in 2012. VDM is a global leader in the market for corrosion and heat resistant high-performance materials, such as nickel, titanium and zirconium alloys. VDM serves a wide range of customers in the aerospace, energy, chemical and other industries. In 2012, VDM had sales of EUR 1.3 billion and approximately 2.000 employees.

During the review, the VDM unit will continue to operate within Outokumpu. The strategic review is expected to be finalized before the end of the year.

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A delegation from Mason Metals Ltd was fortunate enough to visit and receive a plant tour of Novelis UK’s aluminium can recycling facility in Warrington, Cheshire.

furThe main event was seeing the 26tn ingots produced entirely from recycled aluminium cans – before being sent to Germany to Europe’s only rolling facility; where the blocks are rolled into sheets and supplied to can makers in the UK to be re-manufactured into drinks cans. This model is the prime example of “closed loop recycling”. With around 65,000 cans in a tonne the blocks represent an astonishing 1.69 million recycled cans and a saving of 234 tonnes of carbon emissions. Mason’s sister company Halesowen Metals is one of a number of regional aggregation centres Novelis use to collect and grade aluminium cans before being melted at the Warrington plant. Currently handling 50 - 100tns of material per week – adds up to an eye popping 6.5 million cans. The delegation were shown the huge new shredding lines that have been installed at Warrington. These lines shred, sort and clean the cans ensuring they are free from contamination before removing the paint from the cans and finally transferring the molten aluminium into the furnace.

On a local level Mason Metals Ltd has been a “Cash for Cans” collector for over 20 years. The site has always been popular with charities, clubs, churches and schools who recycle cans to raise fun ds for their causes. Mr Woodall states “due to the cash ban on scrap metal purchases there is a worry that people would loose the incentive to recycle; especially fund raisers. Hopefully this won’t be the case and we still provide an instant payment on deliveries except by either cheque or bank transfer. We are still seeing the cans but were right behind ALUPRO when they tried to get an exemption for allowing the cash for cans scheme to continue”.

Novelis UK’s Metal Buyer for the Midlands Martin Essex said “ it was great to show the team from Mason’s around the plant. The new investments mean we have the capacity to recycle all the used aluminium cans within the UK. The current UK recycling rate for aluminium drinks cans is around 55% so we’ve got plenty to aim at. We purchase UBCs (used beverage cans) from local authorities, waste management companies and scrap metal merchants. Mason Metal’s does a great job in sourcing them through their network. One thing is for certain – we always need more!”


Mason Metals and Halesowen Metals are buying cans at approx 50p per kilo (around 65 cans). They can provide resources such as posters, recycling bags, promotional bins/boxes for schools/ offices etc and of course magnets to help recycle. If you are interested please call them on 01384 79841.

Saturday, 11 May 2013 20:59

Luvata introduces MileonTM

Luvata, a world leader in metal solutions manufacturing and related engineering services, is pleased to introduce MileonTM, the longest seamless hollow conductor available on the market today.

Hollow conductors are used in a number of applications including particle accelerators, MRI scanners, plasma research devices and induction furnaces. Unlike traditional hollow conductors, Mileon gives manufacturers the option for large continuous coils or the flexibility to specify the optimum length, reducing the amount of scrap and packaging materials required. 

Mileon hollow conductors are completely jointless and produced in long continuous lengths now measured in hundreds or even thousands of meters. Made from high purity oxygen-free copper, Mileon delivers electrical conductivity of 101-102 %IACS and thermal conductivity of 390 W/Km. 

The newest cancer treatment instruments are carbon-particle therapy instruments, which are used to direct a concentrated beam into a tumour without hurting the surrounding healthy tissue. These instruments use powerful, water-cooled resistive magnets wound with hollow conductors.

“Every joint in a magnet causes not only additional work, but they’re also a major risk for leaks despite very careful inspection of the joint,” indicates Paula Tappola Luvata Product Manager for hollow conductors.  “In most cases a leak inside a magnet cannot be repaired and the whole magnet must be replaced with a new one, causing significant down time and substantial costs,” continues Paula.

Commonly requested dimensions and shapes of Luvata hollow conductor profile tools including round, oval, square and rectangle, can be found by visiting Luvata’s web site - hollow conductor tool list.

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