Addison Tube Division, the specialist tube bending technologies arm of Addison Saws, has been appointed as the sole UK distributor of PBT AG’s CNC profile bending machines.

Swiss-based PBT is a leading name in high-performance profile bending technologies for aluminium, stainless steel and steel profiles. Its machines are used across a large number of sectors, including automotive manufacturing, construction, aerospace, the windows industry, and furniture making.

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The PBT Arkus 12® profile bender, which is available from Addison Tube Division.

“Identifying closely with our ethos”
“We are extremely pleased to have secured the UK distributor rights for PBT’s internationally recognised profile bending technologies,” comments Addison Group managing director, Gary Knight. “In appointing us, PBT identified closely with our ethos of helping customers find the very best solutions to their manufacturing challenges, through technologies sourced from the global market place, and all supported by the highest levels of customer service. PBT’s machines will dovetail perfectly with our tube bending and end forming technologies from leading Taiwanese manufacturer, CSM.”

PBT – high levels of capability
Employing high levels of functionality and triple-roller bending technology, PBT machines cold-form both aluminium and steel profiles in a highly energy efficient manner. PBT profile bending technologies range from the Arkus 12® – a compact, exceptionally powerful machine that bends even the smallest aluminium and steel profiles to extremely tight radii – to larger, heavy duty machines such as the PBT35® and HELIX® models, which are suited to more challenging applications, including profiles for use in plant and vehicle manufacturing, materials handling, construction and architectural needs. PBT also builds bespoke profile bending machines to meet the most demanding of manufacturing requirements.

Generating considerable interest
“The PBT Arkus 12® profile bender has already generated considerable interest from Addison customers across the automotive, windows, technology and metal manufacturing sectors,” adds Gary Knight. “I am convinced that its ability to produce particularly delicate profiles using either steel or aluminium, combined with uncompromising reliability, repeatability and accuracy, will open up exciting new opportunities for many of our customers.”

Extensive choice of machines
With the addition of PBT machines to its range, Addison Tube Division now offers what is possibly the most extensive choice of profile bending, mandrel and non-mandrel tube bending machines in the UK. Addison’s CSM tube benders include basic 3-axis hydraulic models through to highly sophisticated, 11-axis all-electric machines. The CSM 100TDRE-RBE, a 5-axis, double stack electric hybrid tube bender with electric boost, is able to produce the very tightest radius thin-wall 1xd bends on larger diameter stainless steel tube – a requirement that is increasingly being demanded by first- and second-tier exhaust and catalytic converter manufacturers.

Leading the way in tube and profile forming technologies
With a carefully selected range of tube forming technologies, Addison Tube Division offers the accuracy, repeatability and reliability that manufacturing industry demands. The technologies available from the division include CNC all-electric tube and profile bending machines, CNC and NC hydraulic tube and profile bending machines, precision tube end forming machines and CNC wire bending technologies.

The sectors served by Addison’s tube forming technologies include the automotive industry; high-performance exhaust, DPS and catalytic converter manufacturing; aviation; shipbuilding; street furniture production; dairy equipment, windows and furniture making; HVAC, as well as the oil and gas industries. Addison Tube Division is an arm of metal cutting technology specialist Addison Saws. The Addison Group comprises of Addison Saws and leading sawblade supply and re-manufacturing business, Dynashape.

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Staffordshire-based TPCATS, a leading manufacturer and supplier of aftermarket emission control systems, has invested £160,000 in a highly advanced 1-D tube bending machine plus tooling from tube forming technology specialist, Tubefab.

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The CSM 100TDRE-RBE 5-axis, double stack electric hybrid tube bender with electric boost.

The model in question, a 100TDRE-RBE from Tubefab’s CSM range, is a 5-axis, double stack electric hybrid tube bender with electric boost. It has equipped TPCATS with the capability to deliver the very tightest radius bends that are being increasingly sought by motor manufacturers and associated first- and second-tier equipment manufacturers.

2015-07-22 095549Leading the way in product development
“Today’s drive towards more tightly packed engine bays, wider diameter exhaust systems, and rapid warm-up times achieved by positioning catalytic converters even closer to exhaust manifolds, is clearly signalling a growing demand for 1-D bending,” comments TPCATS’ Managing Director Paul Stubbs. “By purchasing the 100TDRE-RBE machine, a 100mm maximum tube diameter 1-D boost bender,” he continues, “we have clearly signalled our intent to lead the way in developing and manufacturing the next generation of aftermarket catalytic converter and DPF solutions.”

As well as assisting TPCATS’ research into areas such as multi-branch manifolds and the incorporation of catalytic converters into manifold assemblies, the CSM tube bender has also enabled the emission control specialist to begin producing components that it had not previously been able to source.

Flawless 1 x diameter bends
“We were already successfully bending at 1.5 x diameter,” adds Paul Stubbs. “The CSM machine, however, has equipped us with the means to produce flawless 1 x diameter bends. We are currently bending 70mm diameter mild steel, stainless steel and titanium at 1-D, as well as producing complex components involving multiple and tight radius bends – with reduced requirements for fabrication and welding. We will soon be extending that capability to 80mm diameter tube for even greater performance opportunities.”

Bending trials demonstrated CSM’s capability
Prior to meeting with Tubefab, TPCATS had been unable to locate a 1 x diameter tube bending machine that would meet its requirements. “Tubefab sent sample tubing to CSM on our behalf for bending trials,” says Paul Stubbs. “I then travelled to CSM’s headquarters with Tubefab’s Managing Director, Alan Price, to see the machine in action. CSM assured me that the small changes I requested would be made and I was sufficiently impressed to sign off the 100TDRE-RBE machine complete with tooling in a matter of hours.

Knowledgeable and supportive
“Throughout the entire process – from placing the order, to installation and commissioning – Tubefab has been incredibly helpful and supportive. In fact, it has been refreshing to deal with an organisation whose primary concern is using its considerable knowledge to help its customers find the right solution.”   

1-D centre line radius bending – “previously unachievable”
“Thin wall, large diameter tube bending at 1 x diameter centre line radius has traditionally been unachievable,” adds Tubefab’s Alan Price. “With the introduction of high-tech machines such as CSM’s 100TDRE-RBE, organisations like TPCATS can now offer a genuine production solution. TPCATS is well known for quality and innovation. Through the supply of the 100TDRE-RBE machine, the organisation now has a highly affordable, ultra-precise solution to some of the most challenging tube forming applications.

“From Tubefab it is possible to obtain the whole range of CSM tube bending machines, from basic 3-axis hydraulic models to sophisticated, 11-axis, all-electric machines. The CSM 100TDRE-RBE, for example, is capable of bending 100mm diameter tube, with the benefit of multi-stack and full electric boost capability, enabling 1-D bends to be produced.”

At-a-glance, the CSM 100TDRE-RBE 5-axis, double stack, electric hybrid tube bender with electric boost:
•    Master 3, PC-based control
•    15” touch screen for operator interface
•    User-friendly programming
•    3-D bending simulation, 3-D preview and collision prevention
•    Bend-arm (C-axis) – servo motor + exclusive transmission gears
•    Clamp die – hydraulic
•    Pressure die – hydraulic
•    Carriage (Y-axis) – servo motor
•    Rear boost – servo motor
•    Collet (B-axis) - rotation by servo motor, grip by hydraulic
•    Tooling shift - motion up-down by hydraulic, left-right by servo motor
•    Automatic mandrel lubrication
•    Anticipated mandrel retraction unit
•    Standing pedestal – serves emergency stop and remote control
•    CE mark
•    Laser guard scanner and perimeter safety fence

Max capacity / mild steel

OD 100 x WT 3.6

Bending CLR


Bending speed

58 deg/sec

Feeding speed

450 mm/sec

Rotation speed

120 deg/sec

Accuracy / repeatability

± 0.01

Mandrel working distance


Tubefab: leading the way in tube forming technologies

Tube forming technology specialist, Tubefab, is associated with the Addison Machinery Group, a UK-based organisation that has been at the forefront of metal sawing and forming technologies since 1956. With a carefully selected product range, Tubefab provides the accuracy and repeatability that modern manufacturers require. The technologies offered by Tubefab include CNC all-electric tube and profile bending machines, CNC and NC hydraulic tube and profile bending machines, precision tube end forming machines and CNC wire bending technologies.

The sectors served by Tubefab’s technologies encompass the automotive industry, aviation, shipbuilding, furniture making, HVAC, as well as the oil and gas industries. In addition to its association with Tubefab, the Addison Machinery Group includes metal cutting technology specialist Addison Saws Ltd., and leading sawblade supply and re-manufacturing business, Dynashape Ltd.

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