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MISUMI USA, Inc., a subsidiary of MISUMI Corporation, part of MISUMI Group, Inc. (Tokyo: 9962), announces the introduction of its new MSA Series Belt Drive Actuators, a highly versatile addition to the company’s comprehensive line of linear motion components used in the assembly of industrial machinery and factory automation systems.

Designed to optimize performance and reliability at a modest cost, the MSA Series Actuators can be configured to carry loads up to 227 kg (500 lbs), with travel speeds ranging from 1200 to 10,000 mm/sec, and standard lengths up to 6.25 meters, with custom lengths upon request. These wide-ranging capabilities make them suitable for applications across many markets―including packaging, printing, machine tool, manufacturing automation, education, entertainment, aerospace and defense.

The pulleys used in MSA Series Actuators feature precision-machined one-piece steel construction, nickel plated for durability and corrosion protection, and an integral shaft for superior strength. The tough timing belts are made of specialty steel cords molded into highly flexible polyurethane material to protect against damage and deformation. All MSA Series Actuator models have been extensively tested over tens of millions of cycles with no failures and all have a repeatability of +/-25 µm or better.

MISUMI offers a line-up of eight standard MSA Belt Drive Actuators, with selection depending on each user’s specific application requirements. The actuator models include:

  • MSA-14S and MSA-14H. Feature an extremely versatile cart design, built from rugged extruded aluminum framing. Precision track rollers that ride on hard chrome rails provide reliable accuracy and load carrying capacity and can be configured in length for a wide range of industrial machine applications.
  • MSA-PSC. The plastic glide cart, featuring an injection-molded, glass-reinforced polymer carriage, is designed to work well with light-duty loads.
  • MSA-135. Has an internal needle bearing roller carriage with an enclosed drive belt, and is excellent for moving heavy hanging loads
  • MSA-628 and MSA-M6S. Feature an economical track roller and chrome rail system that handles light to medium loads with superior accuracy and repeatability. The carriage is machined from a solid block of aluminum.
  • MSA-NBC. Features a roller cart assembly carriage designed with durable plastic tires surrounding needle bearings for smooth operation in medium-duty and accuracy applications.
  • MSA-R20. Provides profile rail guidance for actuators requiring higher precision accuracy and optimum load carrying capacity. Available in both single rail and dual rail system designs.

MISUMI also offers a series of MSA belt drives to move items that are supported by an external bearing track system. These drive systems come in four different models and, depending on the model and orientation, they can move from 50 to 2500 pounds at speeds from 2500 to over 15,000 mm/sec.

  • MSA-SB1. A compact low-cost drive system designed to move up to 100 pounds horizontally at travel speeds up to 5050 mm/sec.
  • MSA-SB2. A mid-range drive system that can move a horizontal load up to 500 pounds and has a top speed of 10,160 mm/sec.
  • MSA-SB5. One of the largest drive systems in the series, it is capable of moving loads up to 1000 pounds and has a maximum speed of 10,160 mm/sec.
  • MSA-SBH. This power house of drive systems can move a horizontal load of up to 2500 pounds and has a top speed of 15,240 mm/sec.

MISUMI also offers a full line of accessories that include motor mounts, gearboxes and sensor kits for the MSA Series systems.

The new MSA Series Belt Drive Actuators significantly expand MISUMI’s linear actuator line-up, which also includes: the popular LX Series single or multi-axis system; the KU Series electric, manual or pneumatic stage system; and the RS Series, a multi-position, programmable robot system that combines the actuator, controller and cables in a matched assembly.

With no minimum order requirement or set-up charges, MISUMI has built its reputation as the premier global supplier of high quality factory automation configurable components. At the heart of the MISUMI business model is the unique on-demand CAD Configurator and easy to navigate website. This unique business model offers customers an effective strategy for reducing costs and gaining competitive advantage through streamlined production and assembly processes and faster time-to-market.

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