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Unions respond to tata chairman’s ‘can’t keep funding losses’ comment

It is extremely disappointing Tata has sought to influence discussions by making threats in the media, say Unions

The National Trade Union Steel Co-ordinating Committee (NTUSCC) has responded the chairman of Tata Steel’s comments the company "can't have a situation where India keeps funding losses" at its Port Talbot steelworks. [1]

The joint statement from the committee, made up of GMB union, Unite and Community, said:

2016 12 29 100708“the last few months the company has sought to engage us in sensitive discussions on the future of Tata Steel Europe.

“It is extremely disappointing that Tata has sought to influence those discussions by making threats in the media and adding to the concerns of the workforce.

As we have said from the outset Tata's transformation programme is a result of their failure to deliver the joint venture with Thyssenkrupp or have any plan B. Tata Steel UK employees must not pay the price for Tata's failures.

The NTUSCC recognises there are challenges at Tata Steel UK, mainly caused by years of underinvestment in the assets, and we are open to joint discussions to deliver a sustainable future for the business.

“However we have made it clear to Tata Steel, at the highest levels, that the way forward for Tata Steel UK must include new commitments on job security and commitments on strategic capex to safeguard the future of UK steelmaking.

We have requested an urgent meeting of the national Steel Committee to raise our concerns and discuss our priorities for Tata Steel UK.”

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