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Thursday, 26 September 2019 07:23


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50 years of experience and technical expertise worldwide

TT series machines ensure perfect cuts and bevels for maximum efficiency. Wherever the priority is to minimize installation downtime and maximize equipment runtime, you will find PROTEM TT machines.

TT series machines are a perfect example of PROTEM’s 50 years of knowledge and expertise in providing job oriented machining solutions.

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The tube cutting machines of the TTNG series are built to cut and bevel tubes up to 3.937” (100mm) thick (larger upon request) in the field. Their low clearance design of rotating parts is highly appreciated by customers in all industries such as Nuclear, Oil and Gas and Chemical.

Options for counterboring jobs, cam-copying operations and wheel cutting are possible within the wide range of diameters covered by each model in the TTNG series. The splitframe configuration opens in two half-shells joined together with a hinge. Clamping is ensured by independent adjustable jaws for easy in place set-up. The completely enclosed drive gears and tool holders provide an increased operator safety.

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If the TTNG’s low clearance is not enough for you, TTLW machines are the ones you need! These machines are the light weight version of the rugged TTNG. Because of their narrow and lightweight body design, they are the ideal solution for use in confined areas.


The TTSNG version are designed for machining small diameter tubes and pipes. They are built in the same manner as the TTNG machines which allow accurate cutting and/or beveling of tubes and pipes from 0.406” (10.3mm) up to 10.751” (273.1mm) OD.


The collet clamping system of the TTSRD series allows for quick set-up and an easy concentricity adjustment. This clamping method is particularly suited for small wall thicknesses in order to avoid tube distortion in case of poor machine set-up. These machines have the lowest clearance of the range.

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Main advantages:

  • V track and rollers: The V shape design compensates for axial and radial forces to ensure maximum precision and less wear.
  • Aluminium body: Lightweight and durable for limitless machining jobs!
  • Splitframe design with hinge: Easier to set up on continuous or long length pipes.
  • Fully enclosed tool holder design: Protects the feed system from chips and prevents damage during machining.
  • Sliding tool holders: Easier and faster to set up.
  • Machine design permits cutting and beveling operation simultaneously, maximizes productivity!
  • Large diameter machines delivered with two standard configuration motors allowing more power for highly demanding jobs.

TT series machines are available in many configurations with standard or special accessories and options. All the devices provided with the TT series machines are built with the knowledge of PROTEM to provide enhanced performance and job specific solutions.

Axial and radial adjustable clamping jaws:

OD tracking tool holder

The OD tracker ensures consistent machining, regardless of the tube’s ovality. Its roller follows the tube’s OD profile and adjusts the position of the tool holder.

Radial Copying carriage

Copying carriage allows the user to machine any geometry of bevel thanks to a cam-following system. This technology of single point machining is particularly suited for heavy wall machining.

Axial copying carriage

It performs special shape machining on the inner or outer diameter.

Counterboring tool holder

Counterboring operations ensure consistent thickness all around the tube by machining the inside diameter. Operations of this type are essential when automatic welding machines are used.

Cutting wheel

The cutting wheel accessory allows the user to cut the tube without producing chips. The wheel is very useful when cleanliness standards require that no chips can be introduced inside the tube during machining.

Enveloping jaws

Enveloping jaws are designed to clamp the machine onto even the thinnest tubes without any distortion.

Remotely operated machine

TT series machines can be remotely controlled for operations in areas under ionizing radiation or in underwater/subsea environments.

Flat gearbox

Combined with radial positioned drives, this gearbox allows the user to fit the machine in extra low profile spaces.

Milling modules

The tool carriage is replaced by a milling head.

Special configurations and options on request.

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