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50 years of experience and technical expertise worldwide

Providing the industry with the most versatile and reliable flange and valve machining technology

The SERCO XP machines all work on the same principle. They are set up and fixed in place by a column/arm system. This clamping principle allows high precision performance of internal machining operations.

Newsletter XP adjustable radial feed 1800

The XP machines setup is fast and easy. The design allows for independent adjustment of the concentricity and parallelism to reach a precision of 1/100 mm with a surface finish of Ra. 1.6 to Ra. 12.7.

SERCO also designed inclinable heads to allow boring operations, RTJ grooves and conical machining works. These inclinable heads attach to the end of a fixing arm. The results are extremely accurate and precise.

Besides the above-mentioned inclinable heads, SERCO also designed clamping devices -FSTG range- which allow all the XP Machines to be clamped on the outside of a flange in order to machine the seal surface AND the bolt working surface. Using the inside of the holes to catch the flange, the FSTG clamping device avoids any distortion during the setup of the machine. The gasket surface will not be deformed even after removal of the machine.

Newsletter XP 1800 2

All the machines can be used with a FSTG device:

FSTG 500: XP400 + XP600

FSTG 1000: XP900

FSTG 2050: XP1200 to XP2000

FSTG 2500: XP2200 to XP2500

FSTG 3300: XP3200

With a precision of 1/100 mm and a surface finish up to Ra 1.6 and to Ra. 12.7, the SERCO XP machines are the best performing and most accurate machines available to perform your surfacing operations.

In some fields of activity (Petroleum, Refineries, Offshore, etc.), the seal surface’s required roughness varies between Ra. 3.2 & Ra. 12.7. Thanks to the adjustable radial feed, SERCO machines are able to accommodate different demands and standards.

The machines are designed to be set up quickly and easily even in the most severe working conditions. Since the column height and the concentricity adjustment are independent of each other, it takes only two steps to accurately set up and adjust the machine for it to be ready to operate.

The SERCO XP machines are set up easily in even the tightest spaces, and in all positions. Its light weight, compact dimensions and ergonomic design allow for easy installation and use by a single operator.

For example, the SERCO XP machines are especially suitable for Ring Type Joint flanges which are generally used in high pressure and/or high temperature operations for oil and gas applications.

The SERCO XP machining units are designed for the repair and maintenance of virtually all dimensions and materials of many diverse components such as:

  • Flanges
  • Grooves
  • Safety valves
  • Sealing surfaces
  • Hole surfaces
  • High pressure valves
  • Flat seats
  • Conical seats
  • Manholes
  • RTJ Grooves

The SERCO XP machines are also designed for dependable, high performance machining in extreme conditions.

Used in many diverse and demanding industries:

  • Power Plant (Nuclear, Thermal, Hydraulic)
  • Refineries
  • Petrochemical
  • Chemical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food and Beverage Industry
  • Shipbuilding
  • Valve manufacturing / machining
  • Maintenance and Repair contractors operating in these fields of activity

Different XP models are available:

  • XP 400 |radial stroke: 1.2” (30 mm) – Ø facing from 0.78” (20 mm) to 15.7” (400 mm)
  • XP 600 | radial stroke: 1.6” (40 mm) – Ø facing from 0.78” (20 mm) to 23.6” (600 mm)
  • XP 900 | radial stroke: 2.4” (60 mm) – Ø facing from 0.78” (20 mm) to 35.4” (900 mm)
  • XP 1200 | radial stroke: 4” (100 mm) – Ø facing from 0.78” (20 mm) to 47.2” (1200 mm)
  • XP 1500 | radial stroke: 4” (100 mm) – Ø facing from 0.78” (20 mm) to 59” (1500 mm)
  • XP 1800 | radial stroke: 8” (200 mm) – Ø facing from 0.78” (20 mm) to 71” (1800 mm)
  • XP 2000 | radial stroke: 8” (200 mm) – Ø facing from 0.78” (20 mm) to 82” (2080 mm)
  • XP 2200 | radial stroke: 8” (200 mm) – Ø facing from 0.78” (20 mm) to 90” (2280 mm)
  • XP 2500 | radial stroke: 8” (200 mm) – Ø facing from 0.78” (20 mm) to 101.57” (2580 mm)
  • XP 3200 | radial stroke: 8” (200 mm) – Ø facing from 0.78” (20 mm) to 129.13” (3280 mm)
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