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Monday, 30 January 2017 08:20

Machining valves and fittings with a us25 beveler for the nuclear industry

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Machining a by-pass connection welded on a valve located in a nuclear facility.
The angle and the root face of the connection failed to meet the specifications for the welding operation.
The installation of the valve on a lathe is very complicated.
SERCO has, therefore, been requested to machine this connection directly on-site while respecting the dimensions and the tolerances of the drawing (0.1 mm (.004”).
• ID of the connection: 25 mm (1”).
• OD of the connection: 34 mm (1.339”).
• Tolerance of the root face dimension: 0.1 mm (.004”).

2017-01-30 091700

PROTEM US25 pipe beveling machine with pneumatic drive.
• Mandrel - Ø 18 mm (.709”).
• Specific tool bits.
• Protective collet for the ID of the connection.

2017-01-30 091717

Assembly of the machine.
+ adjustment of the machine in the connection.
+ machining of the connection.
+ disassembly of the machine.
TOTAL : 20 minutes

2017-01-30 091732

The customer performed a control with the use of a wax molding.
The result was verified to the tolerances requested.
The use of a portable machine avoided the need to install the valve on a conventional lathe.
The adjustment on a lathe would have required a great deal of time.
In addition, the accuracy would not have been guaranteed.
Only the PROTEM machine was rigid and accurate enough to perform such a machining.

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