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Schuler press assists with overseas expansion

With a flexible and highly productive 630 ton system, Feinwerktechnik hago GmbH is optimally set up at the site in Mississippi

A planned expansion abroad is a Herculean task for an SME. Nonetheless, automotive supplier Feinwerktechnik hago GmbH has taken the plunge, and just a few weeks ago the company opened a new site, hago Automotive Corp., in the southern USA. The key production system at the plant in Iuka, Mississippi is a 630 ton servo press from Schuler.

“As an SME with little experience in internationalization, it was extremely important to eliminate as many risks as possible“, explains Marcel Wegmann, authorized representative at Feinwerktechnik hago GmbH. “A Schuler press is a dependable, robust competitive premium product which guarantees reliability in the machinery pool.”

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“A Schuler press guarantees reliability in the machinery pool“, says Marcel Wegmann (second from the right). Photo Schuler

For Hago Automotive Corp., it is extremely important that the system can be used in a wide range of applications and is highly productive. As of 2017 it will be used to produce innovative sheet metal parts for body shells, gear boxes and exhaust gas systems for a new off-road vehicle from a premium German manufacturer.

“We see the Schuler press as a type of all-purpose weapon, which covers a very large part of our product portfolio”, says Marcel Wegmann. “It enables us to economically produce large parts in transfer operation as well as smaller parts using progressive dies with maximal stroke rate and accuracy.”

And that is not the only advantage: an identical system is located at hago’s headquarters in Küssaberg, Germany, on the border with Switzerland. “This means that we can also fully break-in and optimize complex dies that we have developed and constructed in Germany at the site in Küssaberg”, explains Marcel Wegmann. As a result, there is no need to run them in at the site in the USA.

“We have had a positive experience with our Schuler presses in Küssaberg in terms of service and product quality, and this tipped the scales decisively when it came to the investment decision in the USA“, adds Marcel Wegmann. “We hope that the new system will now provide us with a considerable competitive edge which we can also build upon over the long term.”

About the Schuler Group –

Schuler is the world market leader in metal forming technology. The company supplies presses, automation solutions, dies, process know-how, and services for the entire metalworking industry and lightweight automotive design. Customers include automobile manufacturers and suppliers as well as companies from the forging, household appliances, packaging, energy, and electronics industries. Schuler is the market leader in minting presses and supplies systems solutions for the aerospace, railway and large pipe industries. In 2015, Schuler achieved a turnover of 1.2 billion euros. Following the acquisition of die manufacturing company AWEBA and with a majority holding in Chinese press manufacturing company Yadon, Schuler employs around 6,800 members of staff in 40 countries. The Austrian ANDRITZ Group holds a majority share in Schuler.

About Feinwerktechnik hago -

Since it was founded in 1970, Feinwerktechnik hago GmbH has grown from a mere tool making and die shop to a generalist in sheet metal forming with more than 700 employees. The spectrum of the state-of-the-art production facilities with Schuler presses ranges from parts of the size of a paper clip to body panels for buses with batch sizes from 1 to several million parts per year. As the company also encompasses a design and construction department as well as a tool-making department, hago is able to offer fast, efficient and individual one-stop solutions. In addition to the automotive industry, customers also include manufacturers of electric motor laminations, furniture and medical technology. In mid-2016, hago Automotive opened a site in Iuka, Mississippi (USA).

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