Thursday, 28 January 2016 10:23

Agellis receives order from an African smelter plant

Agellis Group AB has received an order totaling 200 KEuro for a level measuring system from a smelter plant in Africa.

The order relates to a level measuring system (EMLI-S) for a copper smelting furnace.  The system with sensors is patented and measures the liquid metal level in real time in the furnace. The output from the system will give the customer more information about the melting progress in the furnace which will result in process optimization and a higher yield capability. The order consists of the measuring system, commissioning, spare parts and training.

2016-01-28 102323The first delivery will be completed before the end of 2015 with the second delivery, including commissioning, occurring in the first half of 2016.

"Due to the low metal prices in the world, capital investment has been slow during 2016 and therefore this order for our patented EMLI-S system is very important for Agellis. Our current EMLI-S customers have acted as references and the order shows that our customers see a great value in our measurement systems, says Patrik Bloemer, CEO of Agellis."

For competitive reasons Agellis chooses not to mention the end user plant by name.

Agellis electromagnetic products are based on a common electronic platform called EMLI. Our thermographic products are based on infrared cameras and unique user software and server solutions.

The EMLI-S (Smelter) system measures the liquid metal level in a furnace in real time. An accurate measurement of metal levels in the furnace is a prerequisite for higher yield and an increased quality of the metal produced.

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AGELLIS Group AB develops and markets modern, robust solutions for global metal producers. Agellis solutions enable increased automation, increased process efficiency and improved safety for personnel within metal production. Agellis is today one of the leading players in its market niche and was founded 2002 and is listed on NASDAQ OMX First North with Consensus Asset Management AB as Certified Adviser. More information can be found at

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