OLIMPIA 80 Srl laser welding system

Olimpia 80 Srl is an Italian company specialized in engineering and manufacture complete tube mills for welded tubes, since 1980.

Recently we install and put in operation one complete tube mill for stainless steel tubes to one of the major tubes manufacturer in China.

The tube mill can produce the OD range from 12 up to 50,8 mm, in stainless steel quality AISI 300 and 400, Duplex and Nickel Alloy.

2015-07-22 092109
Olimpia 80 tube mill recently installed in China

The welding system is LASER.

The line is complete with Double Decoiler, Strip End Welder, Vertical Strip Accumulator, Strip Edge preparation, Forming and Welding sections, LASER generator (6 kW), Bead Grinder (OLIMPIA 80 patented), Electro Magnetic Bead Roller, Sizing Group before and after the complete inline Bright Annealing system, Eddy Current control, Straightening, Laser Diameter control system, Cut-off by Cold Saw, Run out and Unloading table up to 12 m length.

All the machines are engineered and manufactured in our factory in Italy, and even the different roll sets delivered with the tube mill, are completely produced by us.

The Asian market is one of the important final destinations of our tube mills.

Recently we finalized several orders in this part of the world, even in Myanmar for Carbon steel tubes and Bangladesh for Stainless steel tube, for HF welded sections; when the customers want to produce high quality welded tubes for internal market or for the export market, our tube mills are very appreciated in all over the world.

We have a big experiences in productions of LASER stainless steel welding tubes, even because in one of the company of our group we produce Stainless Steel tubes with this technology. In this company, named OLIMPIA INOX, we have installed 5 complete tube mills with LASER welding system, to cover the OD range from 6 up to 114 mm, up to 5 mm wall thickness. Therefore when the customers visit us, can see in operation the different lines, where we produce tubes every days, and we tests the new technical solutions.

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