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Compact all-rounder for safe hydraulic connections

Leak-proof connections are indispensable to guarantee a perfectly functioning hydraulic system. In order to connect the hydraulic pipes to other components of the hydraulic system in a reliable and permanent manner, often 24 degree cone connectors or 37 degree flared connectors are applied. Both methods are widely used and internationally standardized. For more than 40 years TRACTO-TECHNIK develops practicable assembly devices for faultless pre-assembly of cutting-rings as well as for reliable flaring of the pipe ends. Now TT has launched a brand-new and compact combined device called TUBOFORM C (= connect), that perfectly manages both connection methods.

Universal, reliable & efficient

The hydraulically driven and almost maintenance free machine is equipped with an universal seating device. According to the connection method in use, customers can choose from four different assembly heads (for cutting-ring assembly with manual pressure adjustment, cutting-ring assembly with automatic pressure adjustment, 37 degree flaring and 10 degree flaring), which are easily inserted in this seating device.

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New within the TT product range: the TUBOFORM C for faultless cutting-ring assembly and reliable flaring of pipe ends.

“The most reliable way for assembling cutting-rings is to use the automatic pressure adjustment of the machine and the corresponding assembly head”, division head Dr. Christian Gerlach explains the functioning. “In this case the specific working pressure is automatically taken from a pressure table in the machine control by inserting the diameter-depending and accordingly coded counter support plate. This way of proceeding saves times and improves process reliability because an incorrect working pressure for assembling the cutting-rings is virtually impossible. And this is very well received by our customers.”

Each counter support plate corresponds to a specific working pressure, which is stored in the machine control. Depending on the type of cutting-ring in use also customer-specific adaptations or modifications of the working pressure can be made by reprogramming the pressure table of the machine control.

The TUBOFORM C working range comprises steel and stainless steel pipes from 6 to 42 mm outside diameter. The machine is very well suited for processing single parts as well as for small and medium-sized serial production. In this case a piece counter shows the number of the parts to be yet manufactured. The working process itself - whether cutting-ring assembly or flaring - only takes a few seconds. By adjusting the cylinder stroke limiter, the working stroke and the return stroke can be optimized, thus saving time and money, especially when producing in larger batches.

Flexible & customer-specific

The separation between the hydraulic power unit with universal seating device as the basic machine and several assembly heads with corresponding tooling as additional accessories has proven highly successful in practice. “This possibility makes the machine flexible and customer-specific at the same time, because the customer only acquires the assembly heads and tools he really needs for producing”, Dr. Gerlach points out. And also use of different connection methods, i.e. cutting-ring assembly and flaring, is no problem. All assembly heads together with the corresponding tools can be changed within only few seconds. Thus the machine is well prepared for an alternative connection method.

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