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An array of new features for TRUMPF's latest TruBend Series 5000

An array of new features makes TRUMPF’s new TruBend Series 5000 more productive and user-friendly than ever before. Using a new control concept, the machines are amazingly easy to operate. Plus, two innovative angle measuring systems guarantee ultimate accuracy.

High axis speeds and acceleration rates coupled with innovative operating aids lend the TruBend Series 5000 unparalleled productivity – while keeping the high degree of part flexibility customers have come to expect. These high-productivity, all-purpose TRUMPF machines come equipped with a new On-Demand Servo Drive that features 4-cylinder drive technology. The Servo Drive is highly dynamic and extremely quiet in operation, and delivers significantly more productivity than a conventional drive. At the same time, it remains eco-friendly since it consumes energy only during the bending process.

TRUMPF-TruBend 5130

As TRUMPF was developing the new version of its most successful bending machine, it placed the needs of the operator firmly at the forefront – the reason being that this is a decisive factor influencing the quality and productivity of the bending process. The operator is assisted by a range of ergonomic components, for instance the MagicShoe, which revolutionizes stroke triggering. TRUMPF also offers two innovative angle measuring systems for precise bending results that complement one another ideally. And the new control concept makes operating the machine even easier.

Human-machine interaction

The new Touchpoint TruBend control is revolutionary in its simplicity and intuitive to use. Machine operators will quickly know how to use the different views, which focus on the essentials while still providing all the familiar options. An extremely realistic 3D visualization incorporating collision monitoring is also available to assist the operator. The user interface is engineered with the demands of everyday production in mind. The machine can be operated without a mouse, using a 21.5 inch monitor which, like a tablet, is equipped with the multi-touch function, and can even be used wearing work gloves. Operators are free to swivel the monitor into whatever position is convenient for them, and have quick access to direct help whenever they need it.


To cut down on walking distances and increase productivity at the same time, operators can also use an additional mobile control unit, the new MobileControl Pro. Operators can position the unit anywhere along the press beam – that way it is always within reach and saves them numerous trips to the fixed control panel. A 3.5‑inch colour display enables them to input all the directions they might need for the bending process while standing directly at the machine, including instructions to switch to the next/previous bending step or to correct the angle and axis positions.

Ergonomic assistants for high-quality parts

One of the revolutionary components of the new TruBend Series 5000 is the MagicShoe, a work shoe fitted with smart sensors. This makes it easy for the operator to move around and initiate the stroke wherever they are standing at the machine. Dragging and relocating foot pedals becomes a thing of the past, and the space in front of the machine remains clear. MagicShoe has its own type approval examination, and its safety has been tested and approved by the TÜV inspection institution and certification authority. Using it is completely safe and there is no chance of accidentally initiating a stroke.


Support consoles with infinite height adjustment make it easier to handle parts, and are available with a choice of plastic, brush or roller supports. Each can support loads of up to 200 kg, making them extremely robust and ideal for everyday production. For particularly heavy and large parts, there is also the bending aid; this provides assistance with angles of up to 30 degrees, for instance in forming bends in preparation for folding. When faced with differing tool heights or Z bendings, an additional CNC axis automatically sets the bending support to the correct height.

An optical positioning aid slashes setup times, thanks to white LEDs that show with millimetre precision exactly where the bending tools are needed. And during bending, the optical positioning aid always lights up at the position where the next bending operation is required. To position workpieces securely, the machine comes with an optimized 2-, 4-, 5- or 6-axis backgauge that finds the correct position even faster than before. Optimal illumination is achieved thanks to LED lighting at the front and in the interior of the machine. Sliding doors at the sides made of safety glass also make for ideal lighting conditions and take up less space around the machine than conventional hinged doors.

Two measuring systems for ensuring precise angles

Precise angles are the most crucial part of bending quality, which is why TRUMPF offers an assortment of smart features designed to achieve maximum precision. TCB (Thickness Controlled Bending) alone reduces angle errors caused by variations in sheet thickness, while those looking for ultimate angle accuracy are advised to go with the ACB (Automatically Controlled Bending) angle measuring systems. These systems measure the actual angle during the bending process together with the spring-back and guide the press beam to achieve the desired angle – the ideal solution for guaranteeing quality results from the outset. Two high-quality ACB angle measuring systems are available for the TruBend Series 5000, that complement one another perfectly. Ideally one of the two gets deployed, depending on the application.


The new ACB Laser is compatible with all types of tools. In this system, there are measuring stations in front and behind the bending line, each one moving automatically into the correct position. As part of a contactless optical process, a laser projects a line onto the sheet and a camera measures the angle. Particularly if faced with acute and open angles as well as thick sheet metal, the ACB Laser is the solution for maximum precision – with no setup time at all. For those who have to bend short sides, work with reflective surfaces, or require multi-point measurement, the improved ACB Wireless is the obvious solution. This system doesn’t need a cable, automatically identifies the position of sensor tools and is easy to use. Measurements are taken via two sensor disks integrated into the upper tool.

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