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Wednesday, 19 August 2020 08:37

The K series from transfluid offer many possibilities

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transfluid, the engineering company from Schmallenberg, develops and produces machines to bend and process tubes. During a recent review of the product portfolio the company decided to make changes to its K series of machines. All the machines in this series can now be controlled easily with a touch panel and this opens up new possibilities, like displaying the comparison of target and actual values for all axes. Control of the tolerance of the length and the rotation means very little involvement by the operator during the manufacturing of tubes. The options have also been improved by the possibility of loading the bending data for individual products from a PC via a USB port.

The machines are extremely robust and easy to operate. A selection of setups is available, of course, to process tubes of different lengths, with an operational length from 1,500 mm to 3,000, 4,500 and up to 6,000 mm. “We have again improved the areas of excellence of our K series,” explains Stefanie Flaeper, Managing Director of Sales. “As an example, I want to mention the DK 642K bending machine with mandrel. Its specific area of application is hydraulics.”

All of transfluid’s K series machines are now equipped with touch panel controls that are easy to use and compatible with several different interfaces.All of transfluid’s K series machines are now equipped with touch panel controls that are easy to use and compatible with several different interfaces. © transfluid

The machines have special equipment available, like an integrated saw, a burring device, a tool for cutting ring pre-assembly or one for flaring. The area of excellence covers all standard diameters (from 6 to 42 mm) in hydraulics, as well as the processing of tubes with thin and thick walls. All compact bending machines with mandrel can bend up to 180˚. Radii of 1.5 or 2 times the diameter of the tube are common in this application and easy to achieve with these machines.

For the processing of tubes up to 76 mm transfluid offers its DB 2076K, capable of processing tubes with diameters of 6-76 mm and all the standard wall thicknesses and materials. To be able to obtain radii of 1.5 x D (tube diameter) of ideal quality with a bending procedure, this machine has a follower pressure die. It is operated hydraulically and supports the tubes during the bending process. This makes many applications possible, like construction of railings, tubing for installations and the production of systems for exhaust gasses.

transfluid offers the bending machine DB 2076k for tubes up to 76 mm. © transfluidtransfluid offers the bending machine DB 2076k for tubes up to 76 mm. © transfluid

transfluid’s K series is completed by the DB20101 bending machine with mandrel. An all-rounder that is particularly interesting for the constructions of pipelines, as the machine covers almost the whole range of tubes for installations. The different types of equipment available are the same as those for other types of machines. All materials can be processed and small radii can be manufactured without any problems.

In addition to this, all machines can be equipped with a programmable controlled mandrel withdrawal, mandrel lubrication device and wiper dies. These machines are extremely reliable for tube processing, thanks to their stable construction. For this reason and because of the many options, the transfluid K series offers solutions to different sectors with the most diverse applications. This optimization helps a lot with the reliability and the durability of the machines.

transfluid Maschinenbau GmbH
transfluid is a valued partner all over the world for the production of tube bending and tube processing machines. transfluid have been developing their customer-focused technologies for tube processing since 1988 and offers tailor-made solutions for the construction of plants and machines, for the automotive, energy and shipbuilding sectors and the manufacturing of medical equipment.

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