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Friday, 31 July 2020 10:25

Plibrico's Manufacturing Flexibility Helps Customers Make Strong Business Re-Openings

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Plibrico's customer-centric core value assist in making safe return-to-work strategies successful

As thermal processing plants re-open across America, they face challenges and uncertainties never witnessed before, from reestablishing supplier channels for critical materials, to servicing new orders resulting from pent-up demand. All while at the same time ensuring the health and well-being of their employees.

One company that is helping make plant re-openings successful is the Plibrico Company. A major supplier of refractory solutions for the aluminum, steel, mineral and petrochemical processing industries, with special expertise in ensuring the safe, productive operation of high-temperature furnaces, boilers, and incinerators.

2020 07 31 122310Plibrico is playing a major role in the safe return-to-work strategies of its industrial customers by instituting a robust COVID-19 Response Plan that includes swift action to client dynamic needs. Many thermal processing plants that were running on a reduced schedule or idled, are now returning to work and starting to reopen. As production starts to ramp up, organizations find themselves in critical need of refractories for unplanned repairs or maintenance. Refractories that are vital for them to ensuring reliable and safe return to operation.

"I am extremely proud of the Plibrico employees that have helped our customers make a strong comeback during this turbulent time," notes Brad Taylor, President and CEO of the Plibrico Company. "Today's demand for refractories has presented both a challenge and an important opportunity for us to demonstrate our flexibility and commitment to customer success."

Taylor points to Plibrico's Oak Hill, Ohio manufacturing site as an example of the company's strengthened resolve. The majority of Plibrico's refractory materials are manufactured at this centrally-located production facility. An extensive inventory of raw materials are stored and processed here, resulting in the plant being known industry-wide for its fast turn-around of quality refractory products.

"Even during April and May when customers were grappling with the volatility of the marketplace, Plibrico increased its commitment to its customers thru increased inventory and staffing. The increases allowed added flexibility to ensure on time delivery at a time when our customers needed us the most," said Taylor. "Plibrico customers have come to rely on the flexibility and strength of our manufacturing facility to be able to help them meet their challenging schedules, and that’s what we deliver. These are the situations where Plibrico has always excelled."

One example was a customer that had an unexpected schedule change and required a large expedited order of multiple refractories. The catch? All refractories needed to be produced and delivered to Nebraska in only two days. The purchase order was received on a Tuesday morning that had the plant spring into action. Remarkably, the Plibrico team manufactured the entire order by Wednesday. Next up was Plibrico's logistics team which put in extra hours processing the paperwork, loading the truck, and getting the shipment delivered to Nebraska to satisfy the customer's short timeline.

Another case of an exemplary customer experience came in the form of an aluminum processing plant. In the midst of a scheduled repair, the aluminum plant's manager realized he needed two more pallets of special refractories to finish the project. Plibrico received the order on a Monday morning, and once again quickly responded, re-organizing its schedule to manufacture the special material the customer needed. Despite it being a holiday week, the Plibrico team secured a truck and shipped the load overnight so that the customer had it first thing in the morning when the work crew came in, avoiding additional costly down time.

As the economy starts moving forward, thermal processing plants are beginning to increase their production schedules and shuttered plants are starting to re-open. Successful safe return-to-work strategies include reengagement of supplier channels for critical materials like refractories. Pivoting plant schedules and changing demands, makes supplier flexibility and superior customer service key to achieving success. Plibrico’s customer-centric core values, safe robust response plan, and willingness to go the extra mile are helping its customers achieve their return-to-work goals. Plibrico customers are emerging stronger and better prepared to meet their production and competitive market demands.

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Plibrico Company, LLC is an industry leading single-source supplier of aluminosilicate and high alumina monolithic refractories used in the processing of aluminum, steel, sugar, cement, waste, power generation and other demanding thermal environments. For over a century, organizations have trusted us to develop innovative and reliable refractory and mechanical solutions that consistently increase efficiency, improve production uptime and safely boost the performance of our customers' thermal processing operations and equipment.

Committed to growth and focused on providing value to customers, Plibrico has brought together one of the broadest product and technical service portfolios in the refractories industry. Our wide portfolio allows us to fully service our customers from concept to completion.

Plibrico's Mechanical Services division specializes in the repair, maintenance, installation, and upgrade of industrial, institutional, and commercial HVAC, heating and cooling systems. As a trusted partner for many power and processing industry customers operating in critical environments, Plibrico helps keep facilities up and running, reliably.

Headquartered in Northbrook, Illinois, Plibrico serves its customers through a centrally located manufacturing plant, and a network of refractory construction offices and partners throughout the United States and Canada. Plibrico supplies high quality monolithic refractory materials worldwide under the Plico® brand.

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