26tn aluminium ingot at Novelis UK Warrington

A delegation from Mason Metals Ltd was fortunate enough to visit and receive a plant tour of Novelis UK’s aluminium can recycling facility in Warrington, Cheshire.

furThe main event was seeing the 26tn ingots produced entirely from recycled aluminium cans – before being sent to Germany to Europe’s only rolling facility; where the blocks are rolled into sheets and supplied to can makers in the UK to be re-manufactured into drinks cans. This model is the prime example of “closed loop recycling”. With around 65,000 cans in a tonne the blocks represent an astonishing 1.69 million recycled cans and a saving of 234 tonnes of carbon emissions. Mason’s sister company Halesowen Metals is one of a number of regional aggregation centres Novelis use to collect and grade aluminium cans before being melted at the Warrington plant. Currently handling 50 - 100tns of material per week – adds up to an eye popping 6.5 million cans. The delegation were shown the huge new shredding lines that have been installed at Warrington. These lines shred, sort and clean the cans ensuring they are free from contamination before removing the paint from the cans and finally transferring the molten aluminium into the furnace.

On a local level Mason Metals Ltd has been a “Cash for Cans” collector for over 20 years. The site has always been popular with charities, clubs, churches and schools who recycle cans to raise fun ds for their causes. Mr Woodall states “due to the cash ban on scrap metal purchases there is a worry that people would loose the incentive to recycle; especially fund raisers. Hopefully this won’t be the case and we still provide an instant payment on deliveries except by either cheque or bank transfer. We are still seeing the cans but were right behind ALUPRO when they tried to get an exemption for allowing the cash for cans scheme to continue”.

Novelis UK’s Metal Buyer for the Midlands Martin Essex said “ it was great to show the team from Mason’s around the plant. The new investments mean we have the capacity to recycle all the used aluminium cans within the UK. The current UK recycling rate for aluminium drinks cans is around 55% so we’ve got plenty to aim at. We purchase UBCs (used beverage cans) from local authorities, waste management companies and scrap metal merchants. Mason Metal’s does a great job in sourcing them through their network. One thing is for certain – we always need more!”


Mason Metals and Halesowen Metals are buying cans at approx 50p per kilo (around 65 cans). They can provide resources such as posters, recycling bags, promotional bins/boxes for schools/ offices etc and of course magnets to help recycle. If you are interested please call them on 01384 79841.

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Luvata introduces MileonTM

Luvata introduces MileonTM

Luvata, a world leader in metal solutions manufacturing and related engineering services, is pleased to introduce MileonTM, the longest seamless hollow conductor available on the market today.

Hollow conductors are used in a number of applications including particle accelerators, MRI scanners, plasma research devices and induction furnaces. Unlike traditional hollow conductors, Mileon gives manufacturers the option for large continuous coils or the flexibility to specify the optimum length, reducing the amount of scrap and packaging materials required. 

Mileon hollow conductors are completely jointless and produced in long continuous lengths now measured in hundreds or even thousands of meters. Made from high purity oxygen-free copper, Mileon delivers electrical conductivity of 101-102 %IACS and thermal conductivity of 390 W/Km. 

The newest cancer treatment instruments are carbon-particle therapy instruments, which are used to direct a concentrated beam into a tumour without hurting the surrounding healthy tissue. These instruments use powerful, water-cooled resistive magnets wound with hollow conductors.

“Every joint in a magnet causes not only additional work, but they’re also a major risk for leaks despite very careful inspection of the joint,” indicates Paula Tappola Luvata Product Manager for hollow conductors.  “In most cases a leak inside a magnet cannot be repaired and the whole magnet must be replaced with a new one, causing significant down time and substantial costs,” continues Paula.

Commonly requested dimensions and shapes of Luvata hollow conductor profile tools including round, oval, square and rectangle, can be found by visiting Luvata’s web site - hollow conductor tool list.

Roll-Kraft, 2013

Roll-Kraft is pleased to commemorate its 50-year anniversary of designing and manufacturing tooling for the tube & pipe and roll forming industry. Founded in 1963 by George F. Gehrisch, the company’s goal has always been to be the most reliable supplier of custom-designed roll tooling to every producer who uses welded tube or pipe products or roll forms open shapes.

rkThe modest original facility in Willoughby, OH, with its minimal staff, has been replaced by a 110,000 sq. ft. factory in Mentor, OH., and two additional plants, including one based in Canada, totaling more than 100 employees. The company now operates daily with a total of fifty CNC (computer numerical control) machines, including multiple large-capacity machines. The U.S. headquarters factory produces roll tooling up to 40” in diameter, while the Canadian plant produces tooling up to 52” diameter - quite a sharp contrast to the customer requirements during the early years.  

In 2001, Roll-Kraft became certified by the International Organization for Standardization to ISO 9001:2000 With Design, and is currently certified to ISO 9001:2008 With Design. The original certification was earned in 1997, and through annual audits, the company has maintained certification every year since then.

Roll-Kraft tooling is known worldwide and is used in fifty countries around the globe. The company has a fully staffed engineering department with expertise in designing tooling to manufacture a myriad of products, from furniture, curtain rods, and steel doors, to highway road signs, and even tooling used in the mining and energy sector.   

Over the years, the company has added regional and on-site seminars to offer opportunities for companies in the industry to provide tube & pipe and roll forming training to their personnel. These efforts were acknowledged by the Tube & Pipe Association’s Industry Education Activities Award in 2003, which was awarded to Roll-Kraft’s Robert Sladky for his more than 30 years of training services.

Roll-Kraft is happy to celebrate this benchmark in its history and looks forward to many more years of serving the tube & pipe and roll form industry

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