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Innovation: The highest level of boiler pipe processing

Orbitalum – Innovation with integrated value and quality

BRB 2 FA optWorld market leader, Orbitalum Tools GmbH, in Singen has expanded its range for pipe cutting, beveling/squaring and orbital welding with its new boiler-pipe processing machine "BRB 2 Full Auto". The pneumatically-operated machine is the perfect addition to Orbitalum's WIG pipe-in-sheet weld heads. These products work together perfectly. It is also particularly economical and ensures the highest levels of precision and quality when shortening and welding thousands of pipes on heat exchangers. The machine provides users the same precision and efficiency during maintenance and service, defective pipes can be easily "milled out" of the pipe sheet.

In doing so, Orbitalum came up with both major and minor innovations for this product. The cutting system for exact squaring and beveling works with up to four, extremely low cost, cutting bits. Automatic hydro pneumatics are started when the touch control is activated. The "BRB 2" clamps and centers itself in the pipe using compressed air. BRB 2 FA Application optThe cutting process begins with hydraulic soft start. In addition, rapid traverse can be used for faster working. Unlike conventional machines with additional ballast such as an external control box and foot pedal, Orbitalum's solution is much more convenient and cost-efficient, as all of the control elements are easier to operate because they are integrated in to the machine. Initially, the speed is ideally adapted to heat exchanger use, but it can be conveniently varied using a control valve. The feed can also be controlled continuously with a voltage divider. The very robust, length-adjustable end switch also stops the shortening process exactly at the desired position.

Further special features of the "BRB 2" are the balance setting, which is integrated into the handle for easy operation between the processing cycles. Also a very clever solution for the compressed air outlet for quality and value, the exhaust air ring can be rotated, which allows the air flow to be kept away from the workpiece and operator. The advantage is that an oil film does not form on the workpiece. This unwanted effect is often the cause for errors (pores and cavities) forming in the weld metal, which can be difficult to avoid in the machines with rigid front air outlets which are commercially available.

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Orbitalum Tools GmbH is a world leader in the provision of complete solutions for orbital metal pipe cutting, beveling and welding technology.

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