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Using tube from coils, straightening, end-forming, bending and cutting – these are the specialities of the BLM GROUP 4-RUNNER family. "Family" is the keyword since the 4-RUNNER H3 for processing tubes up to 22mm in diameter is now joined by the 4-RUNNER H1, a system dedicated to complex processing on tubes of diameter up to 12.7mm.

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The 4-RUNNER H1 is the all-electric, multi-radius and variable radius coil-fed bending system. It is capable of flexion, right-hand and left-hand in-process bending and can easily be integrated with a SMART system for complete and automatic bending with mandrel from a coil.

The focus on clearance, especially of the head and in the immediately upstream clamping zone, makes the 4-RUNNER H1 particularly suitable for making tricky parts, such as flat or 3D serpentines and small tubes, and in general for all parts that are simply impossible for everyone else.

The 4-RUNNER H1 has six controlled electric axes. All clamping and bending axes are electric, which means equipment calibration can be automated and made extremely simple.

The torque control on the clamp ensures safe and repeatable gripping. Once identified, the correct calibration parameters can be saved and retrieved for future use on the same tools, with important advantages in terms of tooling time.

For feeding from coil, the 4-RUNNER H1 is equipped with a new coiler provided with a motor controlled in both directions and a clutch for idle operation with controls inserted directly by the part program.

Orbital cutting, both internal (4RIPC) and external (4RC) on 4-RUNNER H1 is entirely electric. Two brushless motors control the rotation and the movement of the cutting wheel guaranteeing process accuracy and repeatability with no need for manual adjustments.

Like all BLM GROUP bending systems, the 4-RUNNER H1 also implements the powerful VGP3D programming software package. Three-dimensional graphics show the part gradually as the coordinates are entered, allowing a simple and immediate checking of programming correctness. This is followed by simulation, which is an extremely important feature of VGP3D, to verify the entire working cycle, including checking for potential collisions.

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BLM GROUP is the global partner for the entire tube machining process with a capillary worldwide presence and thousands of applications:

  • BLM S.p.A., based in Cantù (CO), Italy, has specialised since 1960 in the production of CNC tube bending machines, tube forming machines, measuring units and devices for automated integration.
  • ADIGE S.p.A., based in Levico Terme (TN), manufactures systems for laser-cutting tubes and machines for disc-cutting tubes, solids and sections. The range is completed by brushing machines, measuring systems, washing systems and collectors.
  • ADIGE-SYS S.p.A., based in Levico Terme (TN), specialises in the production of "mixed" laser-cutting systems for cutting tubes and sheet metal, systems for laser-processing large-sized tubes and end cutting and removing lines for tubes and bars.
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