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Orbital Cutting Machines by PROTEM

Orbital Cutting on Tubes

Tube cutting is a necessary machining operation for the prefabrication, construction, maintenance, repair or removal of damaged parts, caused by corrosion, for example.

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Tubular components are affected by channeled substances that affect the original condition of the tube. Oil, gas or water at high-pressures are abrasive and can alter the corrosion of the tube either chemically and/or mechanically.

When the replacement of the tube is absolutely necessary, the cut is made in upstream and downstream sections of the damaged tube. This maintenance operation can be done on-site and requires the best equipment for a perfect surface quality before performing welding operations.

Orbital Cutting Machines by PROTEM

PROTEM tube cutting and beveling machines are portable machines.
They are light weight, reliable, easy to use and they ensure a perfect weld preparation with no heat affected zones on all types of materials, such as, steel or inox tubes.

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The PROTEM product range includes several types of cutting and beveling machines:

  • TT-NG Orbital Cutting Machines cut and bevel tubes with large wall thicknesses.
  • The TT-LW Series Machines, with a simpler design, cut and bevel tubes up to 25.4 mm (1″)
  • The TTS-NG Machines allow accurate cutting and/or beveling of tubes and pipes, of all schedules, from 10.3 mm (.406’’) up to 273 mm (10.7’’) OD in one simultaneous operation.
  • The TTS-RD machines have been specially developed to cut thin-walledl tubes from steel and titanium in restrictive space conditions.

They are composed of two rings; one fixed and one rotating. The tool holders are mounted onto the rings. They can be opened into two “half-shells” which allows them to be mounted on any type of pipe at the required place for machining.

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They perfom simultaneous welding preparation operations in order to get a regular land, an appropriate counterboring if necessary, and/or a bevel as desired.

High Speed Machining to Increase Productivity

PROTEM cuttingmachines are the equipment you will need for your production and prefabrication requirements!

  • The CTA - High Speed Cutting and Beveling – machines tubes and pipes with OD diameters ranging from 60.3 mm (2”) to 914.4 mm (36”). Tubes will be cut and beveled within just a few seconds.
  • The TNO are high speed cutting and beveling machines are specially designed to fit your piping or tubing prefab applications, on-site or in workshops. These machines cut and bevel heavy-walled pipes faster than any other machine! For tube machining from
  • MF-Series machines are designed to cut and bevel tubes from 12.7 mm (1/2’’) to 420 mm (16.5’’).

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PROTEM orbital cutting machines are first-class equipment to perform perfect weld preparation with no heat affected zones.

Specially designed for tubes and heavy-walled pipes, and for virtually all kind of materials, the PROTEM cutting machines meet the demand for high accuracy on all of today‘s welding applications.

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