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TRACTO-TECHNIK (TT) presents new developments

PIPE BENDING SYSTEMS (PBS) - More than just the pipe bending machine

As an expert in integrated customized piping and pipe prefabrication TRACTO-TECHNIK attracted attention already last year with the presentation of its PIPE BENDING SYSTEMS strategy. At the same time the company introduced the fundamentally revised, completely modular designed and functionally optimized TUBOMAT pipe fabrication machine as the perfect solution for hydraulic piping.

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The TUBOMAT is the perfect solution for customized piping in hydraulic tasks.

Now TT has also revolutionized its TUBOBEND line of semi-automatic pipe bending machines and presented two new developments during EUROBLECH fair in Hanover in last October. The new machine types are characterized by modular structure, modern industrial design and are optionally available as right-hand bender or left-hand bender. Together with the very compactly designed and exposed bending head, that allows for large bending space, the TUBOBEND machines are able to bend highly complex pipe figures.

Also the bending capabilities of the new machine types have been adapted to the market requirements. The TUBOBEND 16 is for bending steel pipes up to Ø 16.0 x 2.0 mm, while the new TUBOBEND 42 easily manages to bend pipes up to Ø 42.0 x 3.0 mm. Over the coming months one may eagerly look forward to the presentation of further TUBOBEND machine types.

Efficient production by means of process networking

While „Industry 4.0“ is on everyone’s lips and a growing number of companies dream of paperless manufacturing, TRACTO-TECHNIK has already realized broad sections hereof with its PIPE BENDING SYSTEMS strategy. Increase of efficiency is not only achieved by means of more and more automation or growing axis speeds in machine technology. It’s just as important to integrate related quality assurance measures and to ensure a smooth and continuous information flow for the whole production.

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With the TUBOBEND 42, TRACTO-TECHNIK for the first time presents a semi-automatic pipe bending machine, which is available as right-hand bender or left-hand bender.

Precisely these aspects are consequently implemented within the PBS strategy by means of an integrating software solution (PIPEFAB). The software acts as a central component of the so-called „networked pipe fabrication“, provides a seamless interplay between machinery and measuring technology and supplies all manufacture-relevant information and data properly to the individual workstations. Various combinations and expansion stages of the involved components (machinery - measuring - software) finally allow each user to find his optimum PIPE BENDING SYSTEM.

About the company


TRACTO-TECHNIK PBS numbers among the world leading companies in the pipe bending sector and has positioned itself as an expert for customized piping and prefabrication of media-bearing pipes.

For more than 50 years we have been developing and producing powerful and innovative machines, high-precision measuring systems and intelligent software solutions for pipe processing. During this time we have created a unique system for efficient pipe fabrication. PIPE BENDING SYSTEMS - the best system for single-part and small-series production with great product variety. This at the same time reflects our core competence: Thinking in terms of system solutions for the processing of pipes.

The product range currently covers all-electric and electro-hydraulic CNC tube bending machines, semi-automatic tube bending machines, machines for pipe end processing and hydraulic joining technology, tube measuring systems as well as special solutions and software solutions for pipe processing. Maximum customer orientation is our top priority. Thanks to the interplay between our machines, measuring devices and software solutions in different combinations and levels of deployment a scalable system emerges that offers our partners an optimal solution for every application. PIPE BENDING SYSTEMS - more than just the pipe bending machine.

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