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TU TE series from Serco

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2016-04-07 063844The TU TE series of machines is like a portable CNC machine with a numerical center. This machine allows standard operations such as facing, boring, beveling, and can also create landings and threads.

There is already opportunity for the standard operations, but these are improved with the new TU TE series. The machine can perform facing operations, but also, an improvement on this function, the cutting speed is not dependent on diameter. Boring is also improved because there is no minimum speed due to the brushless motor.

While serrated surfaces are possible on the standard machine, this machine has more possibilities. Because of the programming capabilities, the space between serrations can be variable and creating concentric circles is much faster. Beveling is a function of the standard machine, but also improved with the new series, with a longer stroke depth and unlimited possibilities of beveling angle.

At first, the goal of the machine was to create a way to thread with a single tool bit instead of a tap, but this machine has many more capabilities. A tap can be easily broken, which can cause huge problems, especially with large or expensive equipment. With single point machining, the tool can be easily changed if broken, with almost no lost time.

2016-04-07 063907Another advantage of the new series is the ease of switching from manual to programmed mode. The manual functions are still important, but when programming is needed, it just takes the push of a button. By writing a program for the machine, any shape can be created.

These machines have high rigidity and precision, both necessary for threading. There cannot be any play in the machine at all during the threading process because the tool must pass at the same precise location each time to create perfect threads.

2016-04-07 063919Another improvement is the ability to control the machine remotely – although the controls are attached by a cord, the control box can be moved away from the machine which is a huge advantage when radiation exposure is possible. Programming can also be done remotely as long as the machine is connected to the internet.

This machine has a similar application to a lathe or grinder, but is portable and lightweight and has a brushless motor, so it can go anywhere and the motor has no risk of spark.

Because of this new technology, we are learning more every day and stepping up in innovation.

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