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Reworking of Roll Tools with COPRA® RF Tubes and “Regrind”

In production of round and rectangular tubes, efficient use of roll tooling is crucial. Regarding time exposure as well as cost, it should always be the priority to rework an already existing tool. On the downside, it is far more difficult to just turn a worn out roll. This is because the contours need to be measured with sufficient accuracy, as the highest wearout among the tool set determines the value by which the other rolls need to be reworked.  Since there will frequently occur problems concerning this particular step, the easier but more expensive solution is most likely to just order a new roll and scrap the old one.

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The German company data M recently introduced the new feature “Regrind” to COPRA® RF and will present it at the upcoming Tube 2016 in Dusseldorf. This new function allows efficient reworking of roll tools together with the COPRA® RollScanner. It scans the roll contour with very high and thus sufficient accuracy. The respective data is automatically uploaded to the RLM database and thus available for assembling of the roll set. Subsequently, the Tube Design Module calculates the required reshaping of the tube and thereby identifies the roll with the maximum wearout. For direct comparison, the scanned and the designed contour can be displayed overlying. Due to the integrated parametrics, roll width and diameter can be adjusted if required. The acquired data is sufficient for the reworking of a complete roll set. The original, as well as the scanned or reworked contours will be displayed relative to the axis position. Furthermore, it is also possible to determine the minimal offset required for turning the roll contours.

data M Sheet Metal Solutions has almost 30 years of experience with software solutions and services in the field of sheet metal processing. In recent years, the company also added measuring systems like the COPRA® RollScanner, completing the product range towards an integrated process chain for roll formers.

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