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The new Minimac® 55 brings high performance eddy current testing to a broad range of tube production applications, at an affordable price. This is the first eddy current tester to offer the robust capabilities of Magnetic Analysis Corp.’s top of the line Multimac®, in a powerful, compact design.

The instrument is especially well suited for dedicated, continuous production line testing where simple setup, without the need for constant operator adjustment, is desirable. Once the optimum settings have been established, a lockout mode feature can be set to prevent unauthorized changes.

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With MAC’s proprietary Multimac performance, the single channel Minimac 55 instrument features software controls for all functions, including phasing, filtering and sensitivity, all while operating at speeds over 4000 f.p.m. The test results are displayed in full-color polar and linear mode showing real time, true wave form signals for easy review on a separate on-site monitor or at remote locations. The Track screen depicts the test product’s length, with data on line speed, end suppression, flaw tracking, piece count and alarm routing.

Linear strip charts and complete test data, as well as an unlimited number of settings can be stored, annotated and recalled from a library on the internal storage device or network. When networked, multiple instruments can share the same library to ensure correct settings in multiple test lines. Setup and monitoring can be handled through a computer network, and reports with customer, product information, defect location, time, amplitude and phase, can be stored locally or on a network server for quick follow up and quality assurance.

Defects and conditions that can be readily detected by the Minimac 55 include finding short surface and some subsurface defects such as laps, slivers and cracks in tube, and locating weld line faults, including short ID or OD defects. The Minimac, using the MID model, can also detect magnetic inclusions such as iron filings in non-ferrous material.

MAC’s broad range of encircling and sector test coils is available for use with the Minimac which can also be configured for flaw or absolute mode, depending on the application. Coil Platforms, including those with DC saturation for testing magnetic material are offered.

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