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Large pipe lines ready for delivery

Pre-assembly of spiral pipe mills for Saudi Arabia and Mexico completed / First line due to begin production in spring 2016

Pre-assembly of the two spiral pipe mills for which Schuler received orders last year has been completed. Tuberías Procarsa – one of the leading Latin American manufacturers of steel pipes – is due to accept delivery of the first line in the coming weeks. The various components will then gradually leave the production halls. In the case of the line for Group Five Pipe Saudi Ltd., acceptance is planned for September.

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In the background are the two forming stations – the heart of the lines for Mexico and Saudi Arabia. Photo source - Schuler

In Mexico, Schuler will assemble the line. The production launch has been scheduled for spring 2016. Tuberías Procarsa will use the offline spiral pipe line to produce large pipes with diameters of between 508 and 2,235 millimeters (20 to 88 inches) and lengths of twelve to 24.4 meters. When assembled, they will serve as pipelines for oil and gas. The pipes are made from high-grade steel (up to X100) with thicknesses of up to 25.4 millimeters which is wound onto coils. This is formed into a spiral tube and submerged arc welded to a spiral welded pipe.

The coil preparation stand ensures short changeover times, a high degree of safety, and an exact 90-degree cut at the beginning of the coil. Crane transfers are no longer necessary. At the forming station, all relevant steps are automated: the settings are no longer made manually, but entered directly via the easy-to-use control panel and then implemented with the aid of servo motors. The outer or inner diameter calibration system ensures consistently reproducible, high product quality.

The line for Group Five Pipe Saudi Ltd. is largely identical. With a total length of 450 meters, the two pipe plants also comprise various devices to test the large pipes in accordance with the API standard. This entails the use of ultrasonic, X-ray, and hydrotester stands.

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