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Smooth operation of a pipeline network with new Air Valve from IVL Flow Control

ivl 1IVL Flow Control’s new Air Valve allows large volumes of air to enter during draining or a pipeline burst, whilst also ensuring that discharges are done so safely with controlled speeds.

Designed with an innovative new metallic flat holed mechanism, which during vacuum conditions opens a passage to allow large volumes of air to enter, this latest IVL Flow Control air valve also ensures smooth operation of a pipeline network for normal working conditions. During operation, an air pocket is accumulated in the upper part of the valve, which is gradually compressed.  As its pressure arrives to water pressure, its volume increases, pushing the water downwards.

The beneficial controlled air discharge is achieved when the negative pressure ends.  The valve’s spring lifts up the flat, reducing the section during the discharge phase to slow down the velocity of the approaching water column.

Using Archimedes’ principle, the float, no longer sustained by water thrust, will drop to free the nozzle-hole, which helps release the air pocket, while the upper disk closes the main orifice due to internal pressure.

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