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Tuesday, 07 April 2020 19:30

Reduce rod weld costs with energy-efficient cold welders

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Cold pressure welding offers wire and cable manufacturers a quick, clean, cost-effective method of bonding non-ferrous wires, strip and profile, without heat, flux or fillers. The process can also be used to join non-ferrous materials of different types and of different diameters. Fine wire can be joined in seconds using small manually-operated cold welders. Powered machines are required to weld larger wire and rod sizes, but use considerably less power and take less time to produce welds than electrical butt welders.

British company PWM, which specialises in the design, manufacture and supply of high-performance cold welding equipment, produces a range of manual and powered machines for material 0.10mm to 30mm. 

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The range includes three energy-efficient cold welders for rod 5mm to 30mm. These low maintenance machines require no set up, and are very cost-effective and simple to operate.

The EP500 model, for rod 5mm to 15mm, is pneumatically-powered. It can be connected to either a central air supply or a dedicated compressor, using a 12-mm internal diameter reinforced hose.  Only the control system, which the operator uses to set the weld parameters, requires an electrical supply.

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The largest machine in PWM’s range, the P1500 model, can weld 25mm copper and 30mm aluminium.  Powered by three hydraulic pumps, it requires only a small current to drive the 11kw pump motor.

The compact P1000 hydraulic rod welder has quick release dies and an easily adjustable die setting mechanism. It can be used for welding copper rod 6mm to 16mm and aluminium 6mm to 20mm.

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PWM also manufactures industry-standard and custom-made cold pressure welding dies for round or profile wire and rod. New PWM products are available only from PWM or authorised distributors. The company’s international network of experienced agents provides a personal, on-site service, with full back up and after-sales support.

Video demonstrations of all PWM’s machines can be viewed at

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