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U. S. Steel Introduces ACRYLUME E PLUS(TM) as New Member of the ACRYLUME(R) Family

uss steel imtUnited States Steel Corporation (NYSE: X) is pleased to announce the addition of a new high-quality, value-added product to our lineup of construction steels that supports green building design and practices, positively impacting these projects' environmental sustainability. ACRYLUME E PLUS(TM) Coated Steel Sheet, a new coated flat-rolled steel that has a chromium-free clear emissive polymer coating, provides all of the quality and performance attributes inherent of ACRYLUME(R) with improved thermal emittance.

U. S. Steel's new ACRYLUME E PLUS(TM) offers the environmentally conscious metal building construction industry a chromium-free emissive acrylic coating on GALVALUME(R) Coated Steel Sheet, which is designed to meet challenging solar reflectance and thermal emittance regulations. Prior to the introduction of this product, the emissivity requirements could only be met through pre-painted GALVALUME(R) products. ACRYLUME E PLUS(TM) also meets numerous European Union environmental directives including Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS) and Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemical Substances (REACH).

The original ACRYLUME(R) , which meets all current environmental guidelines in the United States, will continue to be available to customers for commonly used applications such as metal roofing and siding.

The new ACRYLUME E PLUS(TM) provides users with the same benefits as traditional ACRYLUME(R) . ACRYLUME(R) set the standard for enhancing the outstanding corrosion protection of GALVALUME(R) Coated Steel Sheet by sealing it in a tough, clear polymer coating. As with ACRYLUME(R) and ACRYLUME CF(TM), ACRYLUME E PLUS(TM) also minimizes staining and discoloration issues during storage, handling and installation, and both products can be used in the same end-use applications. In addition, neither product requires the application of lubricants prior to roll forming, thus they can be delivered to a job site free from slippery substances, providing customers with increased safety during handling and installation.

SOURCE United States Steel Corporation

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