Friday, 17 May 2013 14:00

Agellis receives order for 380K Euro from a European copper plant

logoAGELLIS Group, which develops and sells products and solutions to the global metals industry, has received an order totaling 380 KEuro for a measurement system at a copper smelting plant in Europe.

The order relates to a system (EMLI-ELP) that will measure material levels, temperature and also take samples in a copper smelting furnace. The same customer had
previously purchased two EMLI-S systems from Agellis for real-time level measurement of furnace metal levels. The new system will give the customer more information about the process in the furnace and will also provide calibration data to improve the accuracy of the existing EMLI-S systems.

The EMLI-ELP system is expected to be delivered during the third quarter and handed over to the customer during the fourth quarter of 2013.

"A close collaboration with the customer and understanding his needs has laid the ground for this order. Agellis EMLI-ELP has until now been used in silica and platinum furnaces and this order is an important reference for the copper market." says Patrik Bloemer, president of Agellis.

For competitive reasons, Agellis chooses not to mention the end user plant by name.

All Agellis products are based on a common electronic platform called EMLI. EMLI-ELP (Electro Magnetic Level Profiling) measures with high accuracy the different
layers of material in a furnace, such as metal and slag. An accurate level measurement of the different layers in a furnace is a prerequisite for higher yield and increased quality of the metal produced.

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