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Bending from coil

Tube processing starting from coil is a process offering various advantages, if there are production systems able to exploit them with automatic and complete processes.

Processing of tubes starting from coil offers important advantages: lower cost of raw material, less space to store it, simplified logistic management of semi-finished products and remarkable reduction of material scraps due to machining mode. For these reasons, processing from coil has become the standard in many sectors and BLM GROUP offers various solutions able to meet specific needs.

It is always about automatic systems able to carry out complete production processes that include straightening, facing, end-forming of the free end, bending and final cutting. Systems that neatly unload the finished part and that can therefore be easily integrated with other systems downstream for subsequent machining, typically end-forming of the unmachined end from previous processes, performed with an E-SHAPE or E-FORM system.

The distinguishing feature of these processes is the type of bend to be carried out, with or without mandrel. Bending without mandrel is carried out by the compact systems of the 4-RUNNER family that gather all the operations in a single machine tool, from straightening to bending. Bending with mandrel starting from coil, is not an easy subject to face. BLM GROUP proposes an integrated solution that joins the two systems in an automatic production cell able to carry out all machining operations, high quality bending with mandrel included. 3-RUNNER feeds the tube from coil, carries out straightening and end-forming at one end and cuts the tube, then the semi-finished part is neatly deposited on the automatic loader of the SMART that carries out bending with mandrel.

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Straightening, end-forming, bending and cutting, four operations in a single machine tool. 4-RUNNER is a system for bending and end-forming from coil, all electric, with end-forming module up to six passes, right-hand and left-hand bending in-process, including the possibility to have a variable radius and an orbital outer cut module, managed by controlled axes or by disc.

To fully meet all needs there are two different versions available: 4-RUNNER H1 and 4-RUNNER H3.

4-RUNNER H1 works with tubes of diameter up to 12.7 mm. In-process right-hand/left-hand bending, flexion, multi-radius or variable radius. Bending head dimensions are extremely reduced and make this system particularly suitable for producing complex components such as flat and 3D serpentines used in the automotive, cooling, air conditioning and heating sectors.

4-RUNNER H3 can machine tubes up to 22 mm diameter and it is particularly fit to produce components for fluid transport systems. Thanks to the possibility to carry out flexion or stretch bending, bending speed can be combined with the possibility to create very short sections and this makes the system very flexible and highly productive.


The bending process from coil with mandrel requires the integration of two different systems: 3-RUNNER that feeds the tube from coil, then carries out straightening, end-forming and cutting; SMART that carries out quality bending with mandrel. The automatic loader of the SMART allows to fully automatize the process that generates a part bent and formed at one end.

At Tube & Wire 2018 it will be possible to see another end-forming pass of the unmachined end by means of an E-SHAPE system.

3-RUNNER is the multi-function machining center that uses a tube from coil up to 28.7 mm diameter, carries out straightening, end-forming and cutting at length. 3-Runner implements the concepts already tried out on the 4-Runner system: coil straightening and managing system, end-forming unit with up to six passes, all-electric orbital cutting unit. At the end of machining, 3-RUNNER deposits the semi-finished part on the automatic loader of the SMART tube bending machine that carries out quality bending with mandrel and neatly unloads the finished part.

SMART is a bending system for tubes up to 28.6 mm, specifically suitable for integration into an automatized cell, thanks to the patented head swinging system that facilitates automatic loading and unloading operations. For the rest, it is a complete bending system, all-electric, able to carry out right-hand and left-hand bending in-process, multi-radius, with fixed or variable radius.

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