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Welding Tips for Plant Maintenance

2016-01-28 100716When it comes to the maintenance and upkeep of a manufacturing plant, welding is a crucial factor in most cases. Staying focused on the health and safety aspect of the welding trade will help you to make sure that both your employees and your equipment are kept safe. When welding-related maintenance projects arise, it’s important to follow the correct safety procedures to minimize the risk of any accidents occurring. We’ve put together a list of tips for you to keep in mind when you need to use welding in the maintenance of your plant.

Safety First
In order to ensure that all safety procedures are complied with, it’s important that employees read all safety manuals for any welding equipment to be used. Unless a piece of equipment is used on a regular basis meaning that employees are practiced in how to use it safely, employees should always take the time to go over the safety instructions for any welding equipment that they have been assigned to use, even if they have used it before in the past. This is especially important if an employee has been given a new piece of equipment to use for a welding project.

Practice Makes Perfect
As with every skill, welding takes practice in order to make sure that the right techniques are used and in a safe manner. Because of this, it’s important that any employees who will be using welding material when needed are given ample opportunity to practice and fine-tune their welding skills. Employees who have not done any welding work for a while will be more at risk than those who have regular practice and are comfortable using the machinery.

Protective Gear
It is of vital importance that any employee who will be doing welding work is provided with the essential protective gear, such as goggles, a welding helmet, gloves, and specially designed clothing that will protect welders from the extreme heat and sparks caused by using welding equipment. For great welding protective gear, check out Lincoln Electric's welding store.

When it comes to safe welding, preparation is key. It’s important that all the equipment and materials are properly prepared before beginning a job, and it’s also vital that any tools are checked for any faults which may have arisen that could cause risk or damage. The surfaces to be joined should also be prepared by removing as much dirt, debris and rust as possible, and if a solvent is needed in order to do this, it’s crucial that the area is solvent-free before welding begins. It’s also essential that you clear the space before beginning a job and remove any items that could be a trip hazard. Removing any flammable materials from the area is a crucial step that should not be ignored.

Do you have any further information that you’d like to pass on regarding welding safety when it comes to the maintenance and upkeep of a power or manufacturing plant? Whether you work at a plant or are an experienced welder, we’d love to hear from you in the comments.

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