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As a pioneer of on-line measurement committed to extensive research and development activities, ZUMBACH Electronics has continuously grown as one of the world-wide leading manufacturers of in-line measuring and control systems. Top priority at ZUMBACH Electronics remains to be customer relationships through local presence combined with proven high-quality products, services, personal consulting and support. ZUMBACH’s PROFILEMASTER® systems are developed from a core set of proprietary mega pixel camera/laser modules and software technologies. The application of these technologies has been adapted to serve specific measurement, monitoring and surface flaw detection needs for; extruded plastic and rubber tubes, hoses, profiles, wire and cable, wood, plastic composites, steel rod, bar, profiles and much more.

 PROFILEMASTER® SPS 80 measuring unitPROFILEMASTER® SPS 80 measuring unit

Depending on the customer application and product dimension, ZUMBACH offers a full range of PROFILEMASTER® gauges, including models for small precision profiles starting from a dimension of 0.5 mm (.02 in.), cold formed tubes and profiles as well as medium size products, hot or cold, up to dimensions of 600 mm (23.6 in.)

PROFILEMASTER® systems are available with 1 up to 8 laser/camera modules measuring continuously the cross section of the moving profile. A powerful PC-based processor combines the captured line images of the individual cameras to yield the momentary cross-section of the profile. All relevant dimensions such as width, height, angle and radius or other geometric quantities are computed to characterize the full cross-sectional picture. An operator-friendly graphic display of this data allows the product to be monitored during the production. The nominal values for the profile can be directly imported from CAD design files, which allows easy and problem free configuration of the device. Changes in speed and twist within normal limits have no influence on the measurement precision.



Customer Benefits / Main Features

  • Provides 100% inspection in real time
  • Reduces start-up time
  • Increases the repeatability and precision of your end product
  • Improves process control
  • Reduces scrap
  • Saves raw material and post processing costs
  • Detects process problems at an early stage
  • Integrates in a seamless way to your network or higher-level systems
  • Simple cleaning requirements, giving short maintenance needs
  • Logging of all production data for QC department
  • Makes post production measurements irrelevant
  • Surface fault detection (SFD) thanks to high sampling rate
  • Compilation of a 3D model thanks to high sampling rate
  • Reliable operation in harsh conditions, product temperatures up to 1200° C

BENDCHECK - Zumbach's laser measurement system supervises the quality directly in the production process.

This non-contact measuring solution opens tremendous potential to tube and rod manufacturers for in-line quality assurance - and is achieved without laborious, manual measurements. Many manufacturers of pipe and steel bar are constantly faced with the same problem, as straightness is a significant criteria of quality. ZUMBACH offers solutions with its BENDCHECK system.

BENDCHECK Screen opt

Typical screen with all relevant data. / Customized system set-up with 3 ODAC® 18XY laser measuring heads.

Advantages for the quality control

  • Synchronous real-time scanning in the production process
  • Quality assurance right after the straightening process Important for the steel industry
  • Direct integration into the production process (customer specific installation)
  • No time-consuming and laborious checks with manual tools

Basic System Function

The basic function of the BENDCHECK system is the measurement of any bend / deflections within round products. The system measures the position and diameter of the product at 3 different locations along its axis. BENDCHECK calculates the deviation of position measured by the central measuring head from a virtual straight line projected from the position measurement of the left head in comparison to the position measurement of the right head. The operator can select the preferred formula for the bend calculation depending product requirements. Thanks to this information, the bend of the product is continuously calculated and graphically displayed. As soon as the product leaves the measurement field, a complete data log file is released for each product, featuring position, diameter and bend measurements.


The relevant data is visualized on a clearly arranged display. Diameter, absolute bending value, bending angle as well as the individual current measurements of the 3 measuring heads are visible at a glance.

Makers of seamless pipe, tube, profiles and bars now have access to ZUMBACH gauges, which have just been enhanced, now offering even more significant advantages:

  • A new big PROFILEMASTER® model SPS 800-S8 completes the line of hot and cold in-process gauges for rounds up to diameter 600 mm (23.62 in.) or profiles of up to 550 mm (21.65 in.) edge lengths. PROFILEMASTER® gauges are based on the principle of light-section technology and machine vision, and can handle any shape or profile.
    Relevant dimensions can be entered into the program and are then monitored during the production run at all times. Typical applications are hot seamless pipe and profiles of any kind, cold rolled/welded tubes and pipes (ERW) and inspection stations for tube, pipe, profiles and bar.

PROFILEMASTER® systems are available in multiple designs, depending on the requirements of the customer and product. The systems are best suited for the continuous measurement and monitoring of dimensions and the complete cross-section of profiles made of steel, metal, plastics or rubber.

  • The new series of STEELMASTER hot and cold gauges, based on high-speed laser scanning, now offers up to 12’000 measurements per second, with new Calibrated Single Scan (CSS) technology. This results in a highly accurate and fast non-contact measurement of diameter, ovality and width/height at production speeds of 100 m/s (19,685 ft/min) and beyond.

STEELMASTER Gauges are available in static (SMS models), oscillating (SMO models) or rotating (SMR models) configurations and for diameters of up to 500 mm (20 in).



Barcode SM Hot EN optLearn more about the STEELMASTER family   

Barcode PM Hot EN optLearn more about the PROFILEMASTER® family

Zumbach Electronics presents new, high-tech length and speed measuring gauges.

Precision speed and length measurements are critical for optimization of continuous or quasi-continuous production processes. Proper utilization of these measurements can lead to lower production costs and higher product quality. The ideal sensor must exceed traditional contact encoder performance, increasing reliability and accuracy while minimizing maintenance requirements and material yield.

lsv opt

LSV 2000 Velocimeter

The LSV Laser Surface Velocimeters have been designed as the ideal next generation sensors for non-contact length and speed measurement. They provide precise length and velocity data quickly and reliably for both process control and cut-to-length applications.

The LSV 1000/2000 measure reliably on almost any solid surface, whether controlling processes utilizing carbon steel, shiny aluminium or oily sheets, or producing round wire and cable, or manufacturing paper, cardboard or tissue.

Benefits / Advantages / Main Features

  • Zero speed, direction detection (model LSV 2000 only)
  • Reduced operating and maintenance costs
  • Attractive ROI, fast payback
  • All-in-one system, easy integration into production processes and control environments
  • Easy to operate and no re-calibration required
  • Visible laser for easy alignment in the field
  • Robust sensor technology for reliable operation even under harsh conditions, protection classes IP 66 and IP 67
  • Fast, state-of-the-art signal processor with powerful command set for efficient system communication via serial or Ethernet interface
  • Includes two trigger inputs for additional light barriers or optical switches for high precision edge detection and offset length compensation
  • Hardware status signals for remote diagnostic functions available

User-selectable full quadrature pulse output and interfacing as LAN & RS 422/232

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New Gauges based on “Linear Sensor Technology”

New Gauges based on “Linear Sensor Technology” allows cost-effective, synchronous multi-axis Measurement of Diameter and Ovality in any Pipe, Tube and Hose Extrusion Process

With the MSD diameter gauges, ZUMBACH electronics introduces a new series of measuring heads for on-line diameter and ovality measurement and control. This new line complements the high-precision laser diameter measuring heads of the ODAC®series. The MSD models achieve their ideal efficiency in terms of price and performance specifically for applications in the plastics, rubber and cable industry for extruded tubes, pipes, hoses, cables and similar.

MSDs Stand opt

MSD measuring head series and swivel floor stand

The experience of 57 years with on-line and off-line measurement and control technology has led to a product characterised by the most current and sophisticated technology and functionality as well as by the well-known ZUMBACH accuracy and reliability. Thanks to this “Linear Sensor Technology” (pat. pend.) it was possible to build very compact yet accurate measuring heads.

Unique measurement technology for products up to 200 mm outside diameter

  • A new product line with 2-coloured LED light sources allowing simultaneous scanning in each axis (XY*) and thus trouble-free measurement even with product vibration
  • Integrated extraneous light filters prevent occurrence of measurement errors that to date seemed unavoidable
  • Perfect performance even with reflective surfaces thanks to the use of different colour lighting for each measurement axis

*This new concept allows even a 4-axis measurement of products up to diameter 54 mm

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Revolutionary, rotating in-line dimension measurement

Zumbach Electronics, the Swiss manufacturer of inline measuring and monitoring systems, has developed a rotation-based laser scanning process that maps round and polygonal shapes up to 6000 times per second - a first for the industry.

To make production processes as efficient as possible, modern in-line measurement devices are required, not only to measure parameters such as diameter, ovality, width and height at very high speed, but also to instantly detect shape deviations and rolling errors.

Some suppliers claim that in steel production, mechanical solutions are more than adequate for these purposes. But, not all manufacturers in the industry agree. Zumbach Electronics has been an innovation leader in the market since 1957, and its experience has shown it pays to continually develop new technologies, and solutions that deliver more precise measurements, thus contribututing to higher productivity. The company also believes in user-friendly operation and close-to-zero maintenance.

These very standards were applied to their latest product series, the Steelmaster SMR. Steelmaster units have been used in steel production for many years, as a tried-and-tested solution to improve the monitoring of hot rolling and cold processes. Until now, dimensional measurement and error detection have always been carried out by static or oscillating devices, depending on the application. These devices can measure with great accuracy the outer dimensions and diagonals of both round and non-round products such as squares, hexagons and flat products, regardless of twist and angle of twist.  Yet until recently, the level of precision achievable in manufacturing processes involving high rolling speeds and short lengths left much to be desired. The new Steelmaster SMR product generation, comes with sophisticated technology in the shape of an innovative and much faster rotational measurement system. With its superior performance, the system opens up a whole new range of applications. The system is based on up to three fully synchronised high-tech laser measuring heads of the ODAC® series, which uses an innovative rotational principle to measure outer dimensions, diagonals, diameters and cross-sections with 3600 coverage. Each laser measuring head rotates at a speed of 100 rpm and maps the scanned products up to 2000 times per second to create a precise product profile. In this way up to 600 profiles can be generated every minute. This allows manufacturers to significantly reduce scrap while maintaining stricter tolerances of ½ and ¼ DIN. There are no longer any restrictions as to the shapes the system can cope with. These models can handle any asymmetrical, polygonal and irregular shapes made of steel and metal to a diameter of approximately 135mm and temperatures of up to 12000 C.

Enhanced Profile
Measurement The innovative rotary movement isn’t the only technical refinement, because there is also the unique, non-contact transmission of power and signals within the measurement unit. The software is very flexible, allowing data statistics, numerical and graphical displays, logs and so on, to be freely configured in line with requirements and working practice in the production environment. Zumbach developed a novel method, EPM (Enhanced Profile Measurement, pat. pend.) for geometries with irregular or asymmetric shape aberrations (e.g. asymmetric overfill or underfill). In particular it is also able to capture and calculate polygonal shapes, which can occur in certain rolling processes or after subsequent peeling / grinding operations. For any shape it will measure at high accuracy not only min., max. and mean diameters but also the true out-of-round deviation RONt as defined by ISO / TS 12181-1 as well as the inscribed circle MICI and the circumscribed circle MCCI.

An optional module named FPS, especially for 3-roll blocks, calculates accurate values corresponding to the diameter values which would be found by manual 3-point micrometer screws (if both readings are related to room temperature). This FPS module additionally calculates the “Touch” and “Gap” diameters which are essential for the initial roll setting. The dynamic regression analysis included in the software package means that twist and angle of twist no longer influence the measurement result. This results in lower scrap rates and ensures compliance with strict tolerances. The technology also performs regardless of position, vibration, material temperature and light intensity.

The measuring units have the same tried-and-tested architecture as the proven static and oscillating systems. Zumbach delivers 100% quality inspection with virtually 0% outlay for repairs and maintenance. The fully contact-free transmission of power and signals also ensures maximum operating safety. An efficient air flushing and cooling system keeps the unit functioning reliably and can be supplemented if necessary by a water circuit.  All Steelmaster systems can be extended to include up to four measuring units with a single data acquisition and processing system. Any combination of static, oscillating and rotating SMR measurement units may be used. By opting for the measuring system, manufacturers can benefit from high-precision measurements and the resulting competitive advantages, such as faster start-up, less downtime and lower personnel requirements. This results in new quality standards and opens up new, multiple applications.

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