AMETEK Surface Vision (formerly Cognex Surface Inspection Systems Division), a world leader in automated online surface inspection solutions, will celebrate the 20th anniversary of its SmartView® surface inspection system and launch its new SmartAdvisor® Edge for Metals cross-section monitoring system at AISTech 2018 - The Iron and Steel Technology Conference and Exposition, May 7-10, at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia, Booth 1526.

Launched in 1998, AMETEK Surface Vision’s SmartView® celebrates its 20th anniversary this year as one of the most trusted and valued automatic surface inspection solutions for the metals industry. Combining powerful software, line-scan camera technology and high intensity lighting, along with industry-leading application engineering services, SmartView® continues to deliver a high performance, highly customizable solution that automatically detects, classifies and visualizes metal defects.

2018 05 08 100719At AISTech 2018, AMETEK Surface Vision will present its new edge cross-section monitoring system, SmartAdvisor® Edge for Metals, which enables both trimmed material edges in a metal processing line to be continuously monitored to detect anomalies, such as cut-to-break ratios and burrs. This is critical for quality control purposes and to avoid any issues in the subsequent processing line. 

The SmartAdvisor® Edge for Metals system magnifies, captures, stores, and presents high- resolution images of the edges, while the line is running at full production speed, as a continuous smooth video stream for monitoring. The edge images are processed and stabilized for analysis, so an operator can see subtle changes in the cut edge, including cut- to-break ratios and eccentricities in knife runout, plus the system is able to pause and scroll back through the images at any time.

“This is a very exciting time for AMETEK Surface Vision. As more and more demands are being placed on the metals industry to improve quality, increase productivity and certify ’defect-free’ product, it’s crucial to have both surface inspection and edge monitoring solutions that are flexible and customizable in order to achieve goals for quality and yield optimization,”  comments Marius Westermann, Business Manager at AMETEK Surface Vision.

Specifically designed for the metals industry, both the SmartView® Surface Inspection Metals and SmartAdvisor® Edge for Metals systems are designed to help meet quality and yield optimization goals. They offer reliable top, bottom and now side laboratory type optical inspection and monitoring that provides full process visibility of the quality of the surface and edges in even the most demanding metal processing environments.

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AISTech 2018 will feature technologies from all over the world that help steel producers to compete more effectively in today’s global market. AISTech is a can’t-miss event for anyone involved at any level of today’s steel marketplace, providing perspective on the technology and engineering expertise necessary to power a sustainable steel industry. For more information, visit

About AMETEK Surface Vision

AMETEK Surface Vision (formerly Cognex Surface Inspection Systems Division) is a world leader in automated online surface inspection solutions with a broad product portfolio optimized for web and surface inspection and monitoring and process surveillance applications. That product portfolio includes three distinct product lines: SmartView® systems, SmartAdvisor® systems and Slit InspectionTM. Each product line uniquely enables customers to inspect the surfaces of materials processed in a continuous fashion across the metals, paper, plastics, nonwovens and glass industries. For more information, visit

AMETEK Surface Vision is unit of AMETEK Process and Analytical Instruments, a division of AMETEK, Inc., a global manufacturer of electronic instruments and electromechanical devices.

AMETEK Land, the leading industrial infrared non-contact temperature measurement specialist, has released the new Near Infrared Borescope (NIR-B) 3XR for industrial gas applications. 

The NIR-B 3XR delivers continuous reformer tube wall temperature (TWT) measurement and furnace optimisation and monitoring, allowing highly accurate temperature point data to be measured, stored and trended over the lifetime of the furnace.

Thomas Fortinberry, Business Development Manager Industrial Gas for AMETEK Land, said, “This is a major development in temperature measurement for industrial gas applications. The NIR-B 3XR helps to optimise efficiency and improve monitoring significantly.  The result is increased productivity, greater asset protection and enhanced tube life.”

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The high-resolution image, combined with the wide-angle field of view (90°), allows multiple reformer tubes to be imaged and measured simultaneously. This is critical to extending asset life and maximising efficiency, as a -10°C measurement error over time can result in either 1% lost productivity or a +10°C error can result in 25% reduction in tube life.

This latest innovation is ATEX and IECEX approved for use in Zone 2 gas atmospheres and provides a high-resolution thermal image offering real-time high-accuracy temperature measurement of both the tube skin and the refractory surface. NIR-B 3XR uses the shortest wavelength possible to minimise errors associated with varying emissivity.

AMETEK Land partnered with leading syngas catalyst manufacturers, global operators and reformer designers to develop the NIR-B 3XR to give customers greater visibility and real-time temperature information.

In addition to improving accuracy, NIR-B 3XR reduces risk to personnel by removing the need for an operator or technician to be in a hazardous area on a regular basis by utilising infrared temperature measurement.  With advanced digital communications, the image and data can be viewed in real time from the safety of the control room.

“NIR-B 3XR is an invaluable tool for prolonging the life of the reformer tube, optimising production throughput, and reducing energy consumption.  Its high-resolution imaging allows users to easily identify hot and cold areas within the furnace. Uneven heating, due to unbalanced burners or gas mix can be seen clearly, with corrections viewed in real time. During start-up, burners that are not operating correctly can be quickly identified and the effect of impinging flames can be seen.  These are major benefits in terms of optimising performance and reducing downtime,” added Fortinberry.

AMETEK Land has more than 20 years of experience in high-accuracy process thermal imaging. Its industry-leading image and data processing software platform supports long-term data trending, aiding process optimisation, while potentially avoiding catastrophic tube failure.

AMETEK Land ( is a business unit of AMETEK, Inc. a leading global manufacturer of electronic instruments and electromechanical devices.  AMETEK Land designs and manufactures a wide range of instruments for industrial non-contact temperature measurement, combustion efficiency and environmental monitoring.

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