The challenge
The issue of harmonic distortion is a growing cause of concern for power utilities and power systems managers. The increased use of non-linear loads causes disturbances that impair equipment performance and affects total voltage supply in general.

2016-04-06 082630

The solution
Previously the Weldac solid state welders featured a 6-pulse diode rectifier. The solution was to integrate a 12-pulse diode rectifier to improve the THDI down to a minimum. The new option has shown a typical reduction of the Total Harmonic Distortion in current (THDI) from more than 30 per cent to approximately 11,5 per cent.

The benefits
The solid-state Weldac welders offer 85% total efficiency measured from the mains inlet to the weld coil. This efficiency, the constant high power factor together with the new 12- pulse diode rectifier option, minimizes electrical power and cooling-water consumption and there is no need of power factor compensation.

The new 12-pulse diode rectifier is available in single cabinet Weldac’s with power outputs up to 1000 kW.

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