The rate of growth is now one of the biggest amongst EU countries, despite the uncertain political and economic scene at the beginning of 2016, investors see the future optimistic, and confidence of the companies is getting off the ground, as is productivity.  Recognising this change, Thermatool has been able to secure four new HF Welding units in Spain.  

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During Tube Dusseldorf Hall 6 B40, Thermatool will be exhibiting the full range of HF Welders and equipment for the tube and pipe industry. With an unprecedented interest to our HCT Technology units, there is a definite stairway to productivity optimisation. Customers continue to acknowledge the quality & reliability of the Thermatool products and the accepted value in the longevity of the equipment operation through many, many, years - with an upturn in this market, producers are looking to the future opportunities through wise investment.

Thermatool is also upbeat about the future and will continue this presence in Spain to provide to our existing and new customers an efficient and high-quality service as always.  Thermatool have plans to support the tube producers with a Technical Seminar in September / October 2016, tentatively to be held at the Inductotherm Iberia offices and Euromaquina (Thermatool Agents) factory in San Sebastian dates yet to be confirmed.  If you are interested come and speak to us during Dusseldorf or contact us directly.

Inductotherm Heating & Welding Ltd, (Thermatool, Radyne, Banyard & Newelco Brands) is one of forty companies making up the Inductotherm Group, specialise in the design and manufacturing of high quality Induction, Tube, Pipe and Wire production equipment.

INDUCTOTHERM Heating & Welding Ltd has recently supplied its range of IROSS Fluxmanager Equipment to a number of leading pipe manufacturers within the OCTG sector. The IROSS Fluxmanager is designed for use in an array of pipe end heating applications for a variety of tubular goods including Drill Pipe, Casing, and API Pipe.

2015-09-04 144353Ideally suited to the OCTG sector the IROSS Fluxmanager system is specifically designed for use in applications such as; Preheat for Welding, Preheat for Swaging, Hardening, Annealing, Removal of Cure & Coatings, and Friction Weld & Stress Reliving. The patented Fluxmanager unit utilises an efficient 50/60Hz low frequency system which provides deep, uniform temperature distribution, ID/OD, both laterally and longitudinally along extended lengths of pipe ends. The pipe end exits the coil immediately with an unrivalled and repeatable temperature uniformity of +/-25°C (77°F) – No soak time is required.

The IROSS Fluxmanager system has quickly become recognised and adopted into the OCTG sector as standard equipment and when compared with traditional medium frequency pipe end heating techniques, the IROSS Fluxmanager allows for far greater control of end heating, with a shaped intensifier to concentrate power on the work piece. The system heats within tight specifications at a reduced cycle time and easily adapts to O.D. variation.

Additionally only 6 coil sizes are required to cover the entire range of OCTG pipe diameters. The shaped flux concentrator allows for completely repeatable results even when the pipe is placed non-concentrically in the coil itself. Infrared, thermal imaging and intuitive data logging functionality can be specified by the customer in order to satisfy the stringent quality requirements within the OCTG market.

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More than a year ago, Inductotherm Group took on a critical mission:  A complete redesign of our corporate and all of our company websites.

The primary goal: to create an integrated digital information resource more tightly aligned with our corporate strategies and our focus on customer success.

Today, every facet of our corporation companies, people, products and brands — is smoothly integrated under the Inductotherm Group super brand.

Today, every one of our products is available to our customers globally, supported by an infrastructure of 40 companies, 10 global brands covering 50 product categories, plus 38 manufacturing facilities worldwide.

Today, our long-held strategy of Global, Yet Local has never been more clear or provided more value to both customers and prospects.

And it all comes together in the brand new look and feel of Inductotherm Heating & Welding and in our totally new, well-integrated network of sub-company websites.

Easy to understand, easy to navigate, our sites will enable customers to find the products they want and where they can buy them in a couple clicks of a mouse.

For further information, please contact:

Inductotherm Heating & Welding Ltd

Tel:+44(0)1256 335533 or e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
W: http://www.inductothermhw.com

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