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For Bewo the Tube fair is all about scoops

This week the Tube & Wire exhibition is being held in Düsseldorf, Germany. Bewo Cutting Systems B.V., the Dutch developer and producer of the high performance cutting machines for tubes and the very strong manual circular saw (the Bewo CPO), is again exhibitor on this worldwide leading fair for the tube industry. This Tube & Wire edition is about scoops for Bewo. You can find Bewo in hall 6, booth E42.

Area Sales Manager, Marc Lauwerys explains the scoops: “We are showing some interesting machines and developments on the Tube & Wire exhibition. For example; you can come see demonstrations of our Sigma Short Cut automatic tube cutting machine with new developments and a Sapphire cutting line, which simultaneously cuts tubes of different starting lengths effortlessly. The Sapphire cutting line is coupled to a deburring machine and our new chamfering machine. We are also demonstrating our new length control system, the Solitair Measure Table and the manually operated circular saw, the Bewo CPO, of proven quality.

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The Sapphire cutting line on the Bewo booth is completely operational. This particular cutting machine is well known for its efficiency. The Sapphire cuts up to 2 tubes of unequal starting lengths simultaneously and in an uninterrupted process. Because of the short trim cut and rest pieces plus the possibility to cut all rest material of unequal starting lengths, the Sapphire is very economical with material. Just like the other Bewo cutting machines, the Sapphire has high quality end products. The Sapphire handles the tubes quickly, precisely and scratch free using a unique 6 point diaphragm clamping jaw system that practically eliminates deformation. The clamping system can handle tubes ranging from 8 mm up to 76 mm in diameter and square or rectangular profiles measuring 10 x 10 mm to 50 x 50 mm.

The new Bewo chamfering machine is completely integrated into the Sapphire cutting line. Just like all other Bewo machines, the chamfering machine fives products of excellent quality. The chamfering machine has optimal cutting conditions and cycle speed, because of variable adjustable speed. With the user-friendly operator panel, the operator can easily choose the best possible settings for high quality chamfering result.

2016-04-05 141735The SigmaSC which Bewo is demonstrating too this week on the Tube is completely operational and cuts up to maximum 6 tubes on top speed. In stand-alone configuration the SigmaSC cuts as many as 15,000 tubes per hour. The SigmaSC is also very user friendly and that is beneficial for the cutting process’ speed. Furthermore the SigmaSC has extreme short changeover times, with just a few tools needed. The cutting machine automatically carries out adjustments and chooses maximum efficiency when changing over. For example changing over a tube length + diameter + clamping jaw takes no longer than 10 minutes. Changing the saw blade only takes 3 minutes. Bewo will be demonstrating the SigmaSC with a connected stacking robot. The stacking robot too processes product specifications automatically. Without needing programming knowledge you will be able to benefit the stacking robot’s intelligent solutions.

You will also find the Solitair, Bewo’s new length control system, on the Tube. The Solitair is based on the same concept as the familiar Bewo measuring Table, the MT, but with a new design. After you have cut the tube you will be able to easily check the tube’s length and, if required, print a measuring report. The difference between the MT and Solitair is that the Solitair is modularly built, using the latest production techniques. This results in very competitive price.  

Lastly Bewo is giving demo’s of the manually operated circular sawing machine, the Bewo CPO. The Bewo CPO is renowned for its proven quality. Why is that? Marc Lauwerys Explains: “We regularly receive requests for spare parts for 30 year old Bewo CPO’s. The parts that have to be replaced with the old machines are mostly guards or handles. These parts are relatively small, inexpensive, easy to replace and always available from our stock.” A lifetime of a Bewo CPO for more than 20 years is no exception. Because of the decent parts, including for example a bronze worm wheel and iron castings, wear and tear is reduced to a minimum. When an owner maintains the Bewo CPO well, the sawing machine will easily last for a very long time. The Bewo CPO technique is well thought.

Are you curious too about Bewo’s new developments? This whole week, up to and including this Friday, you can find Bewo on the Tube & Wire in hall 6, booth E42.

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